Why I’m doing this…

Just to let you know, I’ve only started this blog for two reasons:

1. My most favourite Literature lecturer in the whole wide world suggested that it would be a good way to keep my creative writing skills flowing while I’m at my new job. I mean, yeah, there’ll be loads of writing at my new job (I hope), but it’ll probably be all business and PR and very serious. But by having a blog, I’ll continue to practice the ‘craft’ of writing, so when I finally have time to write my novel, I won’t be all rusty.

2. All my friends are off on proper gap years to places where jabs are necessary and they can get a tan WHILE doing something altruistic like build an orphanage for lost turtles. So, a blog is the best way to truly let all my friends know about my glamorous life while they’re sleeping under mosquito netting. I mean, yeah, facebook is fine, but how much can you really say in 100 characters or something? Is that really enough to express myself? I don’t think so.

Anyway, those are my two reasons for starting up this blog, and similar to those who sign up for an online dating service — ‘I’m only on here for a laugh/my friends made me do it/I really don’t care what you think (actually, yes I do)’ — I will never admit that this blog is for narcissistic reasons. So, if you come across this site and you’re not a mate from real life, and you leave a message, don’t expect me to respond.

Okay, so what’s this great job that I keep talking about?


That’s right, I am going to be in literature.

Yes, there are negatives, but there are also positives. Just to let you see how I think, I’ve posted below the pros and cons list I made when I was trying to decide if I wanted to take the job.*

Cons: I’m an intern, and some people think that because I won’t get paid it’s not a real job.
Pro: It’s the only way to get your foot in the door in publishing.

Cons: It’s not paid.
Pro: If I work really hard and prove myself, I have no doubt that they’ll keep me on as an editor.

Con: It’s not paid.
Pro: It’s better than working at the only other place to give me an interview – Subway. (I hope that my 2:1 degree entitles me to a better career than ‘Sandwich artist’.)

Con: I could be spending my inheritance on a new car or a proper gap year. (I’m funding this experience with the money my granny left me.)
Pro: At the end of the day, it’s an experience that will pay off with a career. I mean really, can you put ‘bungee jumping off a bridge in New Zealand’ or ‘taught illiterate Guatemalans to read English’ on your CV? I don’t think so.

Con: The job is in Scotland.
Pro: They didn’t have an opening at their London office, and I just can’t think of a pro. So, I’ll just have to suck that one up.

Con: The ‘guy’ is staying South.
Pro: I can’t have my life revolving around a man who has so much baggage. Plus, everyone knows that fit, intelligent men, who have dry wits but are liberally minded work in publishing. So, I’ll be pulling before you know it.

Four extra Pros:
Free books
Get to work with cool writers
Get to talk about interesting intellectual stuff all day
Maybe I get them to publish my novel when I write it

So, that’s it. The Pros win. I’m moving out in just under a month, and I’m going to take the world by storm. (Or atleast, I’ll have something for the CV other than my shitty SU bar job.) So watch this space.

*Yeah, okay girls. You known me, always the one with the pros and cons list. But at the end of second year, when D was deciding if she wanted to have that termination, no one made fun of my pros and cons wisdom.

2 responses to “Why I’m doing this…

  1. ‘bungee jumping off a bridge in New Zealand’ or ‘taught illiterate Guatemalans to read English’. WTF. Just a couple of nights ago you were like ‘Oh, I’m so jealous.’ ‘I’ll really miss you two.’ The truth comes out.

    • God! You take things way to seriously. First, I was only joking…comic effect. Second, how do you know I wasn’t talking about Rich’s upcoming New Orleans adventure. Don’t you need jabs to go to that part of the States? Anyway, planning our going away do. Facebook or text me and I’ll send you the details.

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