Keys in hand, ready to go

I am so excited. My keys arrived in the post. I feel like such a proper adult. Yeah, yeah. I lived in a flat with B and D in the last year of Uni, but to have a flat that I don’t share, that is all my own, is a real triumph. No more worrying about who took out the bins or who’s going to wash up. And, if I want to bring someone and pull on the sofa … or in the kitchen, or in the hallway … it’s no one else’s business. I’m an adult, and I can do it where ever I like, even in the butler’s pantry. (Check out more pictures of my new flat below.)

And living with Mum and little princess for the summer has only reminded me of how much I have matured, and how much I deserve my own place. So, really, this is it. It’s my time.

The job starts on 13 September, so I’m moving up on the Friday. I’ll buy my train ticket tomorrow. It’s a freaking fortune to travel to Scotland. Over £100. I mean, like I’m moving up there, so I have to go. But other than for work, why would anyone pay that kind of money to go to Scotland? For £100+ I could go to Paris. Hell, I could fly to a warm country with a sunny beach and get a proper tan – one that’s not orange. But, what can you do? I got this job, and it’s not on the Mediterranean coast. I’ll have to make the best of it.

Really, all I have left to do is decide what to pack. The flat has everything included, even towels, linens, dishes, the works. So, I only need to bring my personals. I’ll need some dead cute work clothes. I’m going for a Mandy from ‘Ugly Betty’ but mixed with classic Jackie O. So, young and party, but serious and ready for business, American fun, but married to a rich Greek.

D’s got a job in the city, so she and I are hitting the shops this weekend. I’ll post my findings.

What else is left to do?

I’ve decided that I’m going to put together a list of all the Booker Prize winners with a synopsis of each book and a bio of each author. (Isn’t Wikipedia a grand thing.) I’m going to memorise the list and the summaries, and I’ll seem dead impressive and knowledgable.

I’m going to do this because at Uni, we only learned about authors who’ve been dead for like a hundred years. Like really, is knowing about Byron, Austen or Wilde really going to help me in modern publishing? Unless I’m editing Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, knowing about Jane Austen’s ‘social intelligence’ (phrase from an exam) isn’t really going to help me in life.

Also, I’ve also put together a top list of all best sellers in the last year, and I’m going reading them all. Well, I’ve already read most of them, but I have a few more on my list.

Well, lots to do. Lots to do.

Will post soon.

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