WANTED: Room for let

Fuckity, fuck, fuck. 

Got to my flat last night and my keys didn’t work. Why didn’t my keys work? Because people are already living there. They own the place. I have been scammed.

I found the flat online. The guy who claimed to be letting the flat said that he had moved to Spain, and that’s why the rents were so cheep. In his email he said, ‘I just want to make sure the right kind of person is living in the flat. The type of person I can trust.’ The irony has not gone unnoticed.

 He also said that because he and his whole family moved to Spain, he couldn’t show the apartment. He would just send pictures, and if I Western Unioned him first and last month’s rent, plus deposit, he would send the keys. He said that our email transactions would suffice as a lease. Why he even bothered to post me a fake set of keys is beyond me.

Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks.

 I spent last night in a bloody Travelodge. I’ve turned into bloody fucking Alan Partridge.

 At a coffee shop just now using WiFi, trying to find a place to live.

 If ANY one has a room. Please send me a message, email, Facebook. Anything!!!!


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