A little schadenfreude never hurt anyone

The flatmates have turned on each other.

This weekend Glasgow skipped autumn and went straight to winter. It has been delightfully sunny but absolutely freezing. I had planned to take another wander around the city, to kind of get my bearings. But instead, I stayed in all weekend so that I could read that Land Army book, and I have no desire to wear a scarf before 1 October.

Both Fringe and Marathon were also in this weekend, and there was some definite tension in the air. Last night Marathon had a friend from Uni around to talk about their trip away during reading week. They’re off to Thailand for a beach holiday (and she thinks I’m middle class posh). Well, Fringe is right angry about this. She wants to go with them, but she’s used up all her holiday time at work and can’t get any more days off.

It’s Marathon’s last year at Uni, and she’s keeps saying, ‘I’ll be working in a year and won’t get all this time off. I may as well take it now.’

I get her point, but Fringe doesn’t. She’s right angry that her best friend is going on holiday without her; she’s in a mood that Marathon is going to Thailand with someone from the University (it’s like Marathon is friend-cheating on Fringe), and she’s in a constant strop that her sister’s left her high-and-dry for a husband.

So my flatmates are fighting, and I love it because at least they’re not snipping at me. God schadenfreude feels good.


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