Cover art, not so difficult

Finally getting good at bringing coffee and muffins for the Wednesday morning meeting. Although, the petty cash is running low, and I’ll need to figure out how to sort that out, as I’m not paying for the Wednesday morning carb-a-thon out of my non-existent wages.

The main topic for the meeting today was cover art. HarryPotter did two different mock-ups for a fiction title that’s coming out in time for the Christmas rush. (Meaning it should be on the shelves in a couple of weeks.) The covers were quite different, and we had to make a decision by the end of meeting.

Now, I thought deciding the cover art would be a more scientific process: marketing consultants, focus groups, demographics research, and other tools that media types seem to employ. Well, I was wrong. Maybe it’s a bit more exact at the larger publishing houses, but we just simply passed the covers around the table and took a vote. That was it. No marketing, no research, no deciding what colour makes people want to buy books.

I asked if it was always done this informally, and they said that if they were ever at an impasse and needed a tie breaker, they would ask the people in the law office upstairs what they thought. Wow, the science of publishing.

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