Evening of solitude? Or mentalist flatmates? Decisions, decisions…

Quick blog from work. The thought of going back to the flat is filling me with dread. Fringe is still having a right go at Marathon for going on holiday with ‘some girl from that University’ – as Fringe so lovingly puts it. Last night Fringe brought home a ‘friend’ from work, in a very poor attempt to make Marathon jealous. This poor hapless girl was new at the dental surgery where Fringe works, and came over for dinner in hopes of making a new friend. But that was not Fringe’s plan. Fringe parked this girl at the breakfast table, then spent the rest of the evening in Marathon’s room explaining, ‘See two can play at game. I’ve got mates other than you. I’m quite popular you know.’ Blah, blah, blah.

I ended up entertaining this poor thing, who after a bit of small chat with me and an offer to share my spaghetti bolognaise dinner, she finally went home. Fringe never even noticed that this girl had left the flat.

For a while the tension was nice, as it took some of the heat off of me. Unfortunately, the agro has now expanded to include everyone. I got told off this morning for making the house smell like garlic from my last night’s bolognaise meal. (I washed up after eating, and it’s not my fault the flat is improperly ventilated.)

Tonight, I need to get out of the house, and I’m going to attempt to actually do something with my evening. I’m going to the cinema…alone.

I’ve never been a fan of going to public places on my own. Not only do single people in restaurants and at the cinema look like losers, but what if some creepy guy with a van thinks I’m available for the taking because I’m on my own?

I’ll admit it. All my life I’ve been spoiled for friendship. I’ve always had people to hangout with, and ever since I was little I’ve been able to side step unrelenting boredom by inflicting myself onto others. I guess this is just growing up. I couldn’t stay in my comfort zone forever.

So, I’m going to the cinema alone, and hoping that the chester with the van takes a shine to someone other than myself. Wish me luck.


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