Jealous much?

Intern2 left with Goatee…again. While I’m sitting at the front desk answering phones, making copies, stuffing envelopes, processing payments, filling direct orders, answering general enquiries and slugging through the slush pile, Intern2 gets to leave the office at least a couple times a week.

On the days that he’s gone, I have no one to cover the desk while I’m at lunch, meaning that I don’t get to leave for lunch.

Where is Intern2 going? He’s accompanying Goatee to readings, book signings and other literature-type events, and pretty soon he’s going to be accompanying Goatee to literary festivals. Did you know that there are 35 literary festivals in Scotland? As far as I know, Intern2 could be going to all of them.

Because of Intern2’s field trips, for days at a time I’m not able to leave my desk as Intern2 won’t be around to cover for me at lunch. This also means that Intern2 gets to do all the really cool things that I want to do. He gets to meet with authors and festival organisers. He gets to learn what it takes to promote and market a book. He’s learning about audiences and literary events. He’s getting first hand experience in book publishing. What am I getting? First hand experience in being a Secretary. No, that’s not true. Secretaries are paid; I’m paying for this ‘experience’.

I talked to NFEditor about this. I said that I wanted to do some of this stuff, that I had experience working/volunteering at book festivals, and I only thought it was fair that Intern2 and I share some of these duties. She said that while I work from 9 in the morning until 6 at night, Intern2 regularly works late into the evening. She said that most readings and books signings are after working hours, and Intern2 usually goes straight from the office to these events. She then asked if I was prepared to pull these sort of late nights.

Here’s the dilemma, I need a second job. (Actually, I need a first job.) So, if I started taking on some of Intern2’s duties, I’d have to work nights and I wouldn’t be able to get a second job. However, I’m here to learn about publishing, and getting out to different literary events would be a good way for me to network.

I told her that I had no problem working late, so she said she’s see what she can do.

Let’s see what’ll happen.

PS-Even if they don’t give me these extra duties, I think I’m going to start going to book readings and signings on my own. Just as a book lover. So there.


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