The daily constitutional

Walking to work can do the psyche good.

I’m feeling a bit better today. Actually, I kept thinking about the last two years with TheBoy; so, in an attempt to keep my mind off him, at work I mapped out a footpath from the office to the flat. Since I’m running out of money I figured that I could save a few bob by walking to work instead of taking public transport. As it turns out, it only takes an extra ten minutes to walk to work as it does to catch the bus. So, that’s me walking to and from work everyday.

My walk, or my daily constitutionals as I shall now call them, really helped to clear my head. They say that exercise is good for the psyche, and I really do feel a lot better.

I’ve decided that I don’t regret dating TheBoy. Of course I regret being the ‘other woman’, and, of course, dating a normal man not a cheating-married-sack-of-shit would have been preferable. But, the two years we were together were quite nice.

TheBoy taught me a lot about art and literature. (Yes, teaching me about literature was his job, but I mean outside the classroom.) He was always kind and loving towards me. He listened to me when I needed him to, and he encouraged me to follow my dreams and do something with my life.

Yes he lied. Yes he lied to his wife. Yes he made a mockery of both marriage and dating. Yes, as my teacher, he took advantage of me.

But, it was a nice two years, and since I can’t change the past I’ll just have to learn from it.

PS-I’m not a complete idiot. I do realise that it’s totally possible that I wasn’t the only student he was stepping out with, so I’ve got an appointment with the STD Clinic…just in case. I’m going to get tested for the full wack. Better safe than sorry.


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