Book reviews and life plans

Marathon left yesterday for her reading week holiday, and Fringe went off to see her sister for the weekend. Where does this leave me? In an empty flat in a big city with no friends and loads of reoccurring questions about the cheating boyfriend.

I needed to do something to keep my mind off that cheating scum, so I went and got a library card and have come back with a load of books.

Over the last two days I finished off my Jill Mansell book, Rumour Has It, and plowed through Pauline McLynn‘s Missing You Already. (Yes, I know they’re both at least a year old, but they’re new to me.) And I also read Russell Brand’s My Bookie Wook. (Once again, I know it’s ancient, but I don’t care.)

And with three books down, I’ve written little reviews for all of them

Also, I got an email from my mate R who’s studying in New Orleans. He took a trip over to Baton Rouge because the next movie in the Twilight series is being filmed there. He’s never really been into the series, but he’s befriended a girl who’s totally into the whole Stephenie Meyer thing, so they spent the day driving about the city vampire-spotting. They never saw anything film related, but he sent a really lovely email all about his adventures in Baton Rouge.

It sounded really fab. They drove about all day in the girl’s pick up truck listening to the radio with the windows down. They stopped off at pubs that only sold daiquiris and ate something called an oyster po-boy.

R’s email got me thinking. Why am I still here in the UK? I’m young, educated and free. I can go anywhere.

I had a dig about the internet, and the south of the US is looking really fun. And if R’s going to be out in the States for a while, maybe New Orleans is the place I should be?

Wondering what sort of thing I could do with myself while living abroad, I found this website: Jill of All Trades, Master of One.  It’s a blog by this girl who’s doing all these different writing and film related jobs in New Orleans. She seems to know everyone, and she has such cool insite on the art and writing scene in the area. Her blog has really kind of inspired me.

When I’m done with this blasted placement, I’ll have a good bit of experience, so why not go some where new and work freelance? Make my own career, meet my own contacts, and write my own life.

Also through this blog, I discovered the author Toni McGee Causey who sounds really cool, and I ordered her first book Bobbie Faye’s Very [Very Very Very] Bad Day off Amazon. I’ll let write a little review once it comes in and I read it.


4 responses to “Book reviews and life plans

  1. Thanks for the link. Your blog is so brilliant and funny that it all sounds entirely made up by a very clever individual. 🙂 You’ll love Toni McGee Causey and the Bobbie Faye books. Can’t wait to read your review.

  2. I got sucked into your blog last night and after re-reading this post, I just realized all of the nice things you said about my blog. I don’t know why, perhaps late-night exhaustion, but I only saw the part about Toni’s books! I’m so pleased that I’ve inspired you. Feel free to contact me directly (my email is on my page), because I’d love to talk with you without tying up your comments.

  3. I got kind of excited when I saw my hometown mentioned. If you ever get the chance, you should definitely check out New Orleans. Culture and delicious food galore!

  4. Yeah, I saw in your blog that you regularly drive to New Orleans, but I didn’t realise that you were from there. My mate is studying there at the moment, and I’m getting regular updates. I would love to go to New Orleans. I’m really beginning to think that a bit of work/travel may be in my future.

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