Found a gem in the slush pile

I couldn’t sleep last night and had brought home a stack of slush pile, so I stayed up into the wee hours perusing the unsolicited proposals. It was about three in the morning when I stumbled across a piece that I absolutely love.

Reading through the sample chapters is usually such a chore, but I finished all fifty pages of this submission without pausing, and as the chapter ended I wanted more. It’s an old style murder mystery, definitely in the Agatha Christie style. There’s a big old country mansion, a funny little detective, and it’s even set pre World War II. But unlike the usual murder mystery rip off, the characters are so well developed, that within a few pages I felt like I had known them for ages. The writing was delicate and the story intricate without being forced. It’s a complicated mix of historic fiction, detective fiction, and literature. I just love it.

Today in the Wednesday morning meeting I brought up this author, and I asked if I should put the chapter forward. Boobs said that I should sit on the piece for a week, then read it again. If I still loved it after putting it aside, then she said that I could contact the author and ask for the entire manuscript.

Not only is this exciting because I’ve found a possible gem in the slush pile, but it’s also exciting because Boobs said that I could head this up. If I decide to ask the author for the entire book, it’ll be up to me to read it and decide if it goes to the next level.

I really hope this works out. I hope I like the chapter as much the second time, and I really hope the whole manuscript is as good as the samples. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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