Juicy gossip about myself! Yikes!

Quick post because Fringe has invited me to a Halloween party that’s tonight, and I’ve got to find a costume.

Okay, despite the quick post, this is such big news. Wow, it’s kind of weird dishing the gossip about myself. But, yeah, this is really juicy dirt…on me.

I slept with Goatee last night! Arck! I wasn’t drunk, but it all just kind of happened. It was good. Really good. I mean, really, really, really good. Okay. Enough of that. My head is spinning with thoughts, questions, WTFs.

I gotta go. I’ll fill everyone in later. Ack! I can’t believe it!

PS-I’ve just noticed that one of my categories is ‘Getting stuck in’ (as in, ‘Getting stuck into the job’). A little too much of a euphemism for this post. I’ll have to remember to change that.


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