This is Halloween, this is Halloween…Glasgow Style

I got home from Goatee’s and Fringe was sitting on the sofa. She was all red-eyed, so I asked if she was okay. She told me that she’d been up all night waiting for me, and that she was worried when I didn’t come home.

While this is quite over the top, especially for a person that hated me a week ago, I also think it’s quite sweet. It’s also pretty innocent of her to not just assume I got lucky.

I gave her the scoop on my date, and we chatted forever. It felt really good to come home and have someone to share my day with. It was like being back in the Uni flat. In Uni, the moment I got home someone was there to see how the day was, talk about their day, and just kind of verbally work out any problems in life. So, despite Fringe being a bit clingy, it’s nice to have her around.

She said a friend from school who’d moved to Glagsow was having a fancy dress party, and she asked if I would like to go. Of course I said ‘yes’. As I had to come up with a costume last minute, my outfit was a bit lame. I was just a witch – skimpy black dress, with fishnets and a witch’s hat I bought at the last minute.

Fringe went as Brian Setzer. She wore this blond bouffant wig, rolled up jeans, and a flannel with the sleeves cut off. Her mate came by early and tattooed her arm with a bunch of different coloured sharpies (good thing she wears long sleeves to work, because it’s going to take ages for that to come off). And the tatts were, evidently, just like the ones that Brian Setzer has. She looked really cool.

Her mate hung about and came with us to the party as well, and even though it was only 9pm when we got there the place was heaving. It was in a block of flats, and the whole building had gotten together and had one giant party. So all the doors were open, and everyone was roaming from room to room and flat to flat.

Now, I would have thought in Glasgow that this would not have been a good idea, but I was told that those who owned the flats had all their valuables stored away elsewhere, and they essentially moved their stuff out to have a party. (Now that’s commitment to a party.) They also insisted that they didn’t post the party on the internet, everyone who had been invited had been told about it by word of mouth or in person. Also, there were a few very giant men wandering about ‘keeping an eye’ on things. Nothing like having your own bouncers. Plus, we were there until late and from what I could tell there was no drunken brawls or any of the sort of things you’d stereotypically expect to find at an inner city Glasgow party.

We’d been there for about an hour, when this guy dressed up as ‘Where’s Waldo’ comes over and taps me on the shoulder. It was HarryPotter! (Although, he wasn’t ‘Where’s Waldo’ he was Tom Baker as Dr. Who.)

We said our ‘hellos’ and a bit of small chat, then he offered me a beer, and we got to talking. Fringe, who at this point had been sticking to me like glue, finally found her friends from school and headed off to another room.

HarryPotter and I parked ourselves on the sofa, and the first thing he asked was ‘How’d your date go?’ I was in shock. I just couldn’t believe Goatee had told anyone. HarryPotter stated that ‘Gossip spreads quick in that office. Someone probably overheard him asking you out.’

I gave HarryPotter the scoop on the date – leaving out the gory details. I was happy to talk, because I didn’t want a repeat of TheBoy. So I asked if Goatee was seeing anyone else, or if he was – heaven forbid – married. HarryPotter said ‘no’ and assured me that Goatee was a ‘pretty stand-up guy’.

We had a few more beers, and we continued to talk, but you know how when you first meet someone you tend to talk about yourself or the other person — simply because there’s nothing else to say. Or, when you meet someone from work, you talk about work, because there’s nothing else to say. Well, it wasn’t that way. We started on his costume, moved on to favourite television shows, movies, sports (neither one of us are into them), education, the new Coalition government (he’s SNP, I was Lib Dem, now I don’t know what I am), travel, living in Scotland, and about a billion other things I now can’t remember.

Also, HarryPotter is really funny. Okay, I didn’t get some of his jokes, but he tells them with funny voices and silly facial expressions that they were still funny even if I didn’t get them. He had me laughing so much, and at one point we were singing songs we both remembered from childhood, and I was laughing so hard I got the hiccups. Which he then tried to scare out of me, but it just made me laugh and hiccup more. (Trick to getting rid of hiccups, drink a beer with your head upside down.)

The party was winding down and the sun started coming up. Someone reminded us that the clocks had been set back, but the result was still the same. HarryPotter and I spent the evening hanging out. He’s really fun, and we’ve made plans to hang out more. In fact, I kind of can’t wait to see him again. (Not in that way you perv. Just as a friend.)

I went and found Fringe passed out on top of some guy. (Literally. It looked like she fell over and happened to land on him.) I pulled her up to her feet and got her moving. We stumbled back to the flat on a super early bus, and I crawled into bed. I checked my phone just before crashing off to sleep. I had a text from Goatee. It read, ‘Thinking of you. Call me if you want to do a bit of trick-or-treating’. He’d sent it the night before, just as I was getting to the party, but because of the noise I must not have heard it. I didn’t bother texting back. I’ll just talk to him tomorrow at work.

I really had a good Halloween.


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