Stupid HarryPotter

I can’t sleep, I’m scared witless. I went to see ‘Paranormal Activity’, although I can’t really get the last couple of days out of my head either.

The day started with the Wednesday morning meeting. Goatee brought the coffee and muffins in, and quietly asked if I was ‘okay’. I said ‘yes’; he smiled and squeezed my hand.

The meeting was predominately about the author I met a few weeks back. The one that was so kind to me; her book is out, and she’s starting a pre-Christmas book tour. There was lots of talk about the campaign and the launch was tonight in Edinburgh.

I made a comment about wanting to go, and I asked if I could help work the event. Boobs said that Intern2 was covering the event, but if I wanted to go on my own that would be fine. Unfortunately, I can’t afford a return train ticket to Edinburgh. (They cover Intern2’s travel costs if he’s working an event. Plus he has a car, so it’s a bit easier for him.)

At the meeting they also talked about the London Christmas party. MNM has a Christmas party for all the agents, authors and retailers we deal with throughout the year, but we also send some of our bigger authors and agents invites to the London Home Office party as well. The entire office is going to the Home Office party…well, everyone but the Interns. Intern2 and I haven’t received an invitation, which is really shit as I could just crash at home and it wouldn’t cost MNM a thing for me to go.

After the meeting I went to talk to NFEditor and reminded her that I wanted to be more involved in the author events. She said that nothing had been decided yet. To this I added, ‘I’d much rather help out with evening events, but if I’m not going to get the chance to do that — and I’m only working during the day — I may take an evening job. My funds are kind of running low.’

NFEditor must have thought I were giving MNM some sort of ultimatum, because she says, ‘I don’t know if we’re going to have you do author events. We don’t really have time to sit around and talk about the interns. There’s other things this office talks about. And don’t start threatening us with leaving, because if you want this job, then you’ve got to put in the hours. You should be flexible and ready to work when we need you.’

I really wanted to go talk to Goatee about this. Not like in a ‘I’m going to go tell my boyfriend you were mean to me’ sort of a way. But since he’s in charge of the author events, I figured it’s really his decision if I help out – not NFEditor’s decision. Unfortunately, Goatee was out for the rest of the day.

HarryPotter could tell I was a bit bummed, so he suggested we hit the cinema after work. I happily obliged and we went and saw ‘Paranormal Activity II.’

I never saw the first ‘Paranormal Activity’ film, but OH MY GOD! I thought I was fine, UNTIL…I’m in my bedroom alone, freaking out with every creak of the flat and sound on the street. And I have to pee, but I’m too afraid to go to the bathroom. I could KILL HarryPotter. Why did we have to go see that film? I’m not going to sleep. Maybe I’ll call Goatee for a bootycall. Just to have someone else in the room, so I’m not so scared.


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