Problems with dipping your pen in the company ink.

If you’ll remember, ages ago I asked if I could start helping with book launches and author readings. I was told that it was up to Goatee, so – since he may start keeping a toothbrush at mine – I was pretty sure that I’d be tagging along to Gala book events before I knew it.

Well, I was wrong.

To day I reminded him of my request, and here’s a paraphrase of our conversation:

Goatee: ‘It’s not healthy for a couple to spend all their time together.’
Me: ‘I’m not talking about all our time. Just a few events a month.’
Goatee: ‘I prefer to keep my working life separate from my personal life.’
Me: ‘Well, we work together, it’s a little late for that.’
Goatee: ‘Don’t be daft. I’m marketing, you’re reception and editing; it’s like we work for different companies.’
Me: ‘So, you’re ashamed of me. That’s it. You don’t want anyone to know that you’re dipping your pen in the company ink.’ (Sadly, this isn’t a paraphrase, I actually said this.)
Goatee: ‘I’m not going to listen to this. I don’t want my girlfriend to also be my employee; I’m sorry if you’re too naive to understand that.’

Then he walked away. I’m not sure, but that might have been our first fight. But I’m not sure, because he came by my desk later and tapped it on the way out. (He always does that. He taps my desk with his hand on the way out, and I tap back. It’s kind of like a little undercover flirting.)

I guess he has a point about us working together. It would be awkward to have him as my boss. Sort of. I don’t know. He has been doing this whole working in an office thing longer than me. Oh, who cares.

If I’m not going to be working evenings at MNM, I’m going to get a second job. I’m running out of money, and if I want to keep up the very small social life I have managed to scratch out of Glasgow, I’m going to have to start depositing money into my bank account.

I’ve worked up my CV, and I’m going to print out a load at work tomorrow. This weekend I’ll go around to all the pubs in my neighbourhood, and I’ll also go looking for ‘Christmas Help Wanted’ signs in the City Centre. It shouldn’t be too hard finding a second job.


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