Students Protest in London

I wish I were in London today, because for the first time my generation is standing up for ourselves. Of course I’m not a proponent of violence and think that most of the violence came from yobbos who used the march as an excuse to act out ASBO fantasies, but I wish I had been there to march and chant and say my peace.

I could have never afforded Uni at £9000 a year (or even £6000 a year). I am already in debt and working for free, hoping to get a better job after my placement. But what would have become of me if I had been faced with the decision of crippling debt or leaving education. At 18 years old I would have chosen to leave education, as would have many of my friends. And while I am not currently gainfully employed, where would I be if I had no degree? Where would I be in ten years without a degree?

The division of classes is rising again, and I am so proud of my fellow graduates and pre-graduates who took a stand.

BBC: Violence at Tory HQ overshadows student fees protest
The Guardian: Students rally over tuition fee increases

PS-Currently Scottish students do not pay fees at Scottish Universities. Let’s just hope that the Scottish Executive is learning from Whitehall’s mistakes, because I don’t think Glasgow could make it through a protest.

I’ve added this link post-post on 12 November. It’s an interesting article with some equally interesting comments: You Can Tell This Wasn’t the Usual Suspects

Since this original post, the protests became extreme and the vote was cast. Click here to see my 9 December post. Also note that some fellow bloggers have left very interesting comments on this 9 December post.


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