Snow Day!

By two o’clock HarryPotter and I were the only one’s left in the office. Intern2 had driven in to work, and he wanted to get home before the roads got bad. Boobs had been out all day because her children were off from school due to the snow, and NFEditor claimed that she couldn’t make it in because of the roads. (Intern2 called ‘bollocks’ on that one.) Goatee came in for a brief moment this morning, tapped on my desk, I tapped back as usual, and he said one word, ‘Vienna.’ I reminded him that I couldn’t go, ‘My mum would kill me if I wasn’t home for Christmas,’ but in truth all I could think about was seeing TheBoy.

Last night I asked Fringe why she and Marathon weren’t at the house on Friday night when I came back to get some clothes, and she confessed to their Friday night adventures. She said that they wanted to stay out for the night, maybe hit a less expensive pub, but NFEditor was totally putting them off. So, essentially, they ditched us. HarryPotter, Hall, Marathon and Fringe all spent the evening in a pub around the corner listening to a live funk band.

To be honest, I was kind of hurt, but I could also see their point – I wanted to get away from NFEditor as well. I had expected HarryPotter to fess up when I came in this morning, but when I asked him, ‘So, what’d you get up to on Friday night, after we left Budda?’, he just said, ‘Nothing.’ This kind of peeved me off. There’s no reason to lie, so I gave him the cold shoulder for the morning.

I spent most of my day digging around on the internet (you can see what I found here) not really doing any MNM work. Eventually Goatee wandered off, leaving HarryPotter sitting on my desk making monkey noises just to annoy me. He was really pissing me off, and I had had enough, so I said, ‘Why didn’t you tell me you stayed out on Friday night?’ He was a bit shocked, but finally decided to be honest. He, like Fringe, couldn’t face spending the evening with NFEditor, and he didn’t want to hurt my feelings. I forgave him.

By one o’clock, it was beyond obvious that no one was coming into the office, no one was calling, and nothing was getting done, so HarryPotter talked me into shutting up and going sledging. (Good thing I wore my wool trousers and wellies to work. I wasn’t about to go out in the snow in a skirt.)

Last winter he and the former intern* bought a couple of sleds, and they were still stuffed in the back of the supply closet. We grabbed our sleds and went to Kelvingrove Park.

Everyone was out building snow men, and racing down the hill. We got into a snowball fight with some kids, and I was having a blast, but it started to get a bit competitive. That’s when HarryPotter called it quits and told them ‘You win.’ I asked him why he wanted to stop, and he said that you have to be careful with the local kids, because they can start getting quite aggressive. Some will put rocks and broken glass into the snowballs. Wow, Glaswegian are hard!

It was so much fund sledging on a real sled (not a tea tray); although, I didn’t always manage to stay on the thing. After falling off and finished on my arse, HarryPotter and I sat at the bottom of the hill catching our breath. I was going on about how wet my bottom was, when he said the oddest thing.

‘I haven’t dated anyone in a while, because I’d rather be alone than settle for someone I don’t really like.’ I kind of shrugged, and he continued, ‘Sometimes it’s better to be friends with people instead in a relationship. It’s a lot less destructive if those people aren’t good for you.’

I just said, ‘Alrighty,’ and got up and walked back up the hill. I have no idea why he had to make that little speech. I know he’s not into me, which is fine with me. I’ve already got two men in my life, I don’t need to throw in a third. Plus, I don’t like him. I mean, I don’t like like him, not in that way. It was all kind of weird.

We were out until dark, and only decided to leave when it got too cold. But it was still early, so I suggested we go do some Christmas shopping. I knew exactly what I was going to get for everyone.

R, S and M are all away for Christmas; B doesn’t know if she’ll be back for the holidays (it depends on how things go with her French man), and D and I decided not to buy each other presents. So, I only needed to buy presents for Katie, Mum, Dad and Paula, and Nanna and Gramps.

I didn’t know if I should get pressies for people in the office, but HarryPotter said no one exchanges presents, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to start now. I agreed. I also wanted to get something for TheBoy, and I wasn’t sure about Goatee. I don’t even know if we’ll still be together after Christmas. Who knows, TheBoy and I could be back together.

HarryPotter let me drag him around the shops until close. I got everyone on my list, including TheBoy. He’s been going on about how Mark Twain’s memoirs weren’t to be published until 100 years after his death. Well, it’s been a hundred years, so the first volume has been released, and conveniently for me it’s a good Christmas present for TheBoy.

Also, I noticed that HarryPotter was eyeing up two comics (oh sorry, graphic novels): Depresso and Kill Shakespeare. I’m going to come back and buy them for his Christmas present. (Well, I don’t know how much they cost. Depending on price, he might get nothing for Christmas. Plus, we haven’t talked about exchanging presents. Oh, I don’t know.)

We were heading up the high street, done with a day of sledging and shopping, when my mobile rang. It was Boobs, and she wanted to know why no one was answering the phone in the office. I told her that we shut up, because of the snow, and she said that that was not an excuse. MNM still had business to conduct, and she expected me to be there tomorrow all day.

Damn, she’s such a buzz kill.

*I’d never before given much thought to the previous intern, and he’d never been mentioned. There was a guy who worked last year from September to March (like I’m doing just now), and a girl who worked from March to September. The girl was a local and kept to herself, so no one knows what happened to her when she left. The previous guy intern became quite good friends with HarryPotter, but after the placement the old Intern moved back to Edinburgh, and they’ve lost touch. I asked if the old intern scored a publishing job after the placement, and HarryPotter said that he is now working at a used bookstore part time, and he also does some freelance writing for local events magazines – he gets most of his writing work during the August festivals. To be honest, this kind of makes me nervous. I don’t really need to do a six month placement to get a job in a bookshop. Geeze, I hope things turn out better for me.


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