Strange Flatmate, Book Knowledge, and Cocktail Dresses

Weird thing happened at the flat last night. I went down to the kitchen to make a cuppa and said ‘Hello’ to Fringe who was rummaging through the fridge, and she ignored me. She hasn’t been a bitch to me in quite a while; in fact, I now consider us friends. So, I’ll admit, I was kind of hurt. I made my tea and went into the lounge to watch some CSI. Fringe leaves then comes back in. When she came back in, she flopped down next to me and said, ‘Oh, I didn’t realise you were home.’ 

I thought, ‘Okay. Fringe has gone mental,’ but just said, ‘Oh, I’ve been home for a while.’ Then I heard the door to the lounge open, and I thought it was going to be Marathon, but no, IT WAS FRINGE!

Or, should I say, Fringe’s twin sister. I knew she had a twin, but I didn’t expect them to look so much alike. Usually twins who are in their twenties begin to look different. One might be a bit heavier or may have a different hair cut. Not these two. EXACTLY ALIKE! It was so freaky.

Fringe introduced me to her sister, and I mentioned how much they look a like, and Fringe said, ‘Yeah. We get that a lot, which is weird because we’re not identical twins.’

I thought this to be a strange statement seeing that they both shared a womb (the definition of twins) and look exactly the same. Strange, strange people

TheBoy didn’t ring last night like he said he was, but I’m not going to let it get to me. We’re not quite back in each other’s lives, and it is important to take things slow.

Also, I must say, the Wednesday morning meeting went splendidly. Boobs couldn’t make it in again, but we conferenced her into the meeting. Even though the snow seemed a bit worse today, everyone else was in.

A photo representation of me being a confident woman of publishing.

Also, I finally feel like I’ve found my feet. When someone asks me a question about a title, I know the answer right away. I guess that’s what happens when you work with the material long enough; it just starts to sink in. For example, Boobs said that a particular retailer has asked for more copies of a book, but we are out. I knew exactly how many copies we had in the office, and I also knew how long it would take to do a second print run. I also knew how much it would cost to do another print run and if it was viable. I ran the numbers past Boobs, and she approved the second print run.

In the afternoon I rang the printers and made the order. I also called the retailer and gave them an estimated date of arrival for books, and contacted Booksource to ask them to send copies as soon as the second print run arrived. Damn, I feel so knowledgeable and official. I’m really liking this job.

Office Christmas Parties Rock!

And, I have great news. I’m going to the head office Christmas party in London!!!! Yippie!!!! Goatee said that he couldn’t go because of Vienna, and that I should take his place. After all, I’ll be down in London anyway. And Boobs said that she can’t go – it’s too close to Christmas, and she’s got plans with her kids and family – so Intern2 is going in her place. HarryPotter isn’t coming but NFEditor is, which is unfortunate, but it should be fun all the same. Home office is putting us up in a hotel and paying for travel. Which also means I don’t have to pay for my train ticket home for Christmas. Double Yippie!!!

The party is 22 December, so I’ll make my way down on the 21st. Also, we’ve got our MNM Christmas party in a week or so. I’ve sent out all the evites to authors, agents and retailers, and I’ve sent paper invitations to our VIPs. (Councillors, Arts Council people, etc.) Now all I have to do is make sure everyone’s RSVPed. Boobs and Goatee are sorting out all the other particulars; I’m pretty happy I don’t have to worry about organising a party for 100 people.

I am dead excited for holiday party season; I can finally wear those fancy cocktail dress I bought back before I moved here.

This is the look I'll be going for this Christmas season. Yes, it'll be tough, but I'm up for a challenge.


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