There’s Agro in the Air

There must be something in the air, because everyone’s had a case of the agro today. In fact, my day was unbelievably exhausting and emotional. But, you know what? I’m actually okay. Maybe I’m in shock a little, but really, I think I’m okay.

First let me tell you about Goatee. I saw Goatee loose his temper for the first time today. He’s always so calm and put together. Like the night I took Marathon to hospital; he was so collected, but today he lost his temper over the smallest thing.

He wasn’t supposed to be in Scotland this week. There are a number of books that we sell outside of Scotland. He was supposed to be travelling around England this week and next, doing a last minute Christmas push – putting up displays, talking to retailers, and he was even supposed to go by the London office. Well, obviously, the snow has put a halt to this plan.

When he first realised that he couldn’t get down south, he sent all the display materials via a courier; then phoned the retailers asking them to please construct the displays, and he’d be around as soon as weather permits.

Of course, the displays didn’t arrive because everything has ground to a halt…including couriers. Ever so calm, he contacts the retailers and gives them a front of till pitch over the phone. He thought, job done. Evidently not.

He asked a few people in England to have a little snoop into the shops to see if our books were on display. They weren’t. In fact, some of the shops didn’t even have them on the shelves, let alone on display or at a till.

Goatee went crazy. He was in his office when he found out. There was a big shout of profanity, a slam, then a big crash. He’d thrown his phone across the room ripping the cord from the wall and damaging the socket. Then he kicked the door and put a hole in it, slammed it shut behind him, then stormed out the office shouting, ‘Fucking country can’t handle a little snow. Plow the fucking roads and let us get on with it.’ And I think he even said a disparaging comment about the Tories as he left the building. I’m not usually against a little Tory-bashing, but really, it’s not like it’s their fault it’s snowing.

I have never seen him like that before. It was crazy and kind of scary. And now wasn’t the time to tell him that, if he really wanted, he probably could have taken the train down south.

Within moments of his leaving, my mobile rang. It was TheBoy, so I answered. Well, it wasn’t him on the phone; it was an inaudible banshee scream. I didn’t know what that was about, so I hung up. The phone rang again, and my screen said it was TheBoy. I answered again; it was a woman saying ‘Bitch if you…’ very harshly. I hung up before I could hear the rest of the sentence. The phone rang again, and I didn’t answer it. It kept ringing and ringing. By the eighth call, the person finally left a voice mail. This is what it said:

You better leave my boyfriend alone. I know where you live, and I don’t want you near him. He’s finally left his wife. I’ll be damned if you get him. If you come anywhere near him or our flat, I’ll cut you. I will not be leaving for the holidays, I will be here watching. Stay the fuck away.

Yup. I’m the other woman. Again.

I really should be upset. I should be hurt and angry. I should be a wreck right now. But I’m not. In fact, I’m kind of shocked with how okay I am about this.

Maybe it would have been different if his wife had rung. Or if the girlfriend was really calm. Or maybe I’d be really distraught if I caught him in the act. But, I think, because that woman was so drastic, I can’t help but be calm. What else can I do?

I should have never even thought about getting back with him. I have no desire to fight over him. If anything, I’m a little disappointed with myself for even thinking that he’s a good person. So what if we have a history? I can’t handle crazy people in my life. And it serves him right to be with someone so angry. He can deal with her, because I don’t want to.

After I listened to that message, I just sat there for a bit. How could I do any work after that sort of phone call? I was just staring at the wall when Goatee stormed back into the office, ‘I forgot my fucking keys.’

He went to his office and dug through his stuff for his keys. As I could hear him rummaging, I got to thinking about Christmas. Being in Kingston over the holidays is not the best idea. I don’t want to bump into this woman, and — as I don’t know what she looks like — I can’t purposefully avoid her. So, I got up, walked into Goatee’s office, and said, ‘I’ve decided that I’m going with you to Vienna for Christmas.’

He stopped what he was doing, turned around, and just said, ‘Really?’

I confirmed that I wanted to spend the holidays with him. He came over, picked me up, and swung me around. Once he finally put me back on my feet, he said that this was the best news, and it totally made up for his horrible week. 

He started talking really fast about how I was going to love his family, and he was so happy to have me there when he meets his grandson. Then he started talking about plans, and that he’d fly me out from London (since I’ll be down for the Christmas party), and that way I could exchange presents with my mother before I go. He was running through all this stuff, all these plans, but I had to stop him. I just told him to sort it out, and let me know the details.

He said that I was his ‘magic muse’ who could ‘tame the mightiest beast’, and that nothing could ruin his day now. He also said that a major agent in Edinburgh is throwing a Christmas party tomorrow night, and we’re going (provided the Bridge is open). I’m to bring an over night bag with my best dress, and all my fancy going out kit, and we’ll leave straight from work.

You know what? I’m glad that crazy woman rang. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend like Goatee. He wants to be with me. He doesn’t hide the fact that we’re dating. He treats me well, and I make him happy. Plus, he’s not a lying sleazebag cheat. So that’s a plus. I don’t know what I was thinking with TheBoy. I really feel like I dodged a bullet.

Oh, by the way. The agro continued on into the flat. FringeSister is here. I didn’t confuse her with Fringe, because she’s totally blanking me. She’d been camped up on the sofa all day. I tried to make small talk, but she’s having none of it. I guess Goatee was wrong, I can’t ‘tame the mightiest beast’…not if that beast is a bull of a twin with a bug up her arse. But, hell, I don’t care. I’ve got a great boyfriend.


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