Saturday: An Edinburgh Stroll

 We had a great breakfast at the hotel then decided to take a wander around Edinburgh. The only other time I’d ever been over to Edinburgh was that weekend I met Paula and Dad. You know, the weekend I found out TheBoy was married.  

I didn’t want that to ruin my weekend with Goatee; so, I pretended that I’d never been to Edinburgh before, and I tried to look at the city as if it were my first time. The snow was everywhere, and the city is truly beautiful all in white. Goatee really likes the New Town with its big long Georgian windows and wide roads, but I love the Old Town. I love the cracked little alleys and the crooked buildings.

We had some mulled wine in the Christmas market, then Goatee took me through Jenners. (It’s now House of Frasier, but it until recently it was the oldest independent department store in Britain). It looks like something from Are You Being Served; it’s oak and opens up through to a gorgeous atrium. Goatee kept stopping at different counters, asking if I liked this or that. I think he was trying to figure out what to get me for Christmas. This makes me a bit nervous, as I have no idea what to get him. Plus, I probably can’t afford anything he wants. Also, Goatee said that I should not bring his family anything. He said that he’ll make all the presents from both of us. What a relief.

We got a late lunch at this amazing Mexian restaurant on Rose Street. I had something called Ceviche; it’s raw fish and squid and shellfish, that’s cooked using lemon and lime juice. Yeah, sounds grose. But it was sooooo good. I also had chicken enchalatas, not something I’d usually have. One really wonderful thing about Goatee, I have eatten so many strange and unusal things since being with him. (Hey, get your mind out of the gutter.)

As we left, there were workmen from the council breaking up the snow and ice on the pavement and shoveling it away. Or, should I say, one was breaking up and shoveling the snow, three where chatting with passers-by, and one was having a fag. Then the guy who was actually working, started singing ‘Hi ho, hi ho. It’s off to work we go,’ and suddenly all of the workmen started singing.  Before we knew it, all the pedestrians started singing.

You’d never see that in London. Sometimes I really do love living in Scotland.


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