Credit Cards, Christmas Presents, and Crazy Flamates

Came home to drama. FringeSister’s husband had gotten into the house; FringeSister was locked in my room; they were screaming at each other through the door. FringeSister’s husband kicked the door to MY bedroom in;  FringeSister spit in his face and kicked him in the balls; the police have come to the flat. It was Jeremy Kyle-tastic.

Fringe asked if her sister could sleep in my bed again tonight, as ‘She’s really upset and doesn’t want to sleep on the sofa.’ As I am, obviously, the most weak-willed individual on the planet, I bent over backwards, gritted my teeth, and declaired ‘mi bedroom es su bedroom’ with a smile.

So, here I am back on the sofa. But, mind you, come morning when I need to get dressed for work, I’m turning on all the lights, cranking up the tunes on the laptop and I’m waking-up the whole house.

On a good note, the brand-spanking new office credit card came today. I am so happy. From now on, when things need to be ordered for the office or a publication, and an invoice is not an option, I actually have the ability to buy them. For example, I’m going to use this card to finally complete that copyright image project I’ve been working on. I’ve tracked down all the images. I’ve purchased those that come from institutions that are willing to invoice, and now that I have the credit card I can buy the rest. It’s so sad, that I get excited about buying images for a book. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a life.

Also, today, I slipped out the office for lunch without HarryPotter noticing. Usually we grab something together at the café for lunch, but I wanted to sneak to the bookstore and get him his Christmas present: Depresso and Kill Shakespeare. He’s going to love it!

Now, I just have to figure out what to Goatee. What do you get a man who has everything he wants? A nice scarf isn’t going to cut it. Ack, I hate Christmas shopping season.


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