Party Preparations

Goatee came into the office, all smiles, big hugs and a huge kiss. You know, I didn’t realise how much I missed him.

He was in for a moment then left again. Everyone, minus HarryPotter and me, has spent the day preparing for tonight’s MNM client Christmas party. Every year MNM throws a big do for all our authors, agents, and retailers. We also invite local councillors, people from the art council, and other people that we’ve worked with throughout the year.

According to the books, we can’t throw as big of shin-dig this year as we have in the past. Supposedly grand shows of festivity are ‘unfashionable’ in an economic downturn, and we’ve been in the red for so long we don’t want the London office to think we’re wasting money. However, with this said, we’re still throwing one massive party.

We’ve got about 100 people coming, and we’re holding it in one of the older hotels in the City Centre. Boobs and Goatee spent ages sorting out the catering (nibbles and canapés), and we’ve hired a light jazz band for mood music. There’s an open bar, which is going to be the most expensive aspect of the evening.

Like I said, everyone’s down at the Hotel just now making sure everything is decorated and organised. I’m just to hold down the fort until 5pm, then I can head over to the Hotel and I’ll get changed there.

I am so excited. Not only is it going to be a really fun evening, there are loads of people coming that I’ve only spoken to on email or phone, and it’ll be nice to put a face with a name. And, as MyAuthor has suggested, I can do a bit of networking for future jobs.

So, I’ll fill you in tomorrow. I’m sure it’ll be a blast of a night.


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