Christmas come early

Woooo whooooo! I cannot believe what just happened. I am such a happy bunny!

NFEditor called me into her office, and I thought that she was going to give me either a bollocking or some sort of ridiculously pointless task. Instead, she asks me to shut the door behind me and says quietly, ‘I want you to know how much we appreciate everything you do here. And I know this placement must be particularly hard as you’re working on a volunteer basis.’

I just nodded, as I really wasn’t sure where she was going with this.

She continued, ‘To show my appreciation, I’d live to give you a Christmas bonus. How does £200 sound?’

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

She then added that this was to be our secret, because she wasn’t sure if Boobs was going to give a bonus to Intern2.

I promised that I wouldn’t say a word, and then she said, almost like an after thought, that I shouldn’t tell Goatee either. As Goatee works with Intern2, he may feel that he has to give Intern2 a similar bonus, and NFEditor didn’t want to pressure either him or Boobs. She wanted them to feel free to make the decision without pressure.

To be honest, I don’t care if Intern2 gets a bonus or not. I’m perfectly happy to keep my mouth zipped.

NFEditor told me to sort out the paperwork myself, and to put it through accounts as an invoice. She said to just mark on the reference ‘For Copyediting.’ I’ve just sent the papers into London.

I’m so happy! It’s not just the money that I’m happy about, it’s the fact that I’ve finally gotten some recognition for the work I do around here. What a wonderful day!


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