When DIY tools fly

Today Goatee was right getting on my nerves. He was acting like a spoiled child. This usually cool and put together man was having it out with an electric saw.

I was on the sofa in the lounge and he was in the kitchen cutting something to put in loo under the stairs. Well, currently it’s a hole under the stairs, and he’s turning it into a bathroom. There was some sort of ruckus in the kitchen; the saw didn’t do what he wanted it to do. He starts yelling and screaming, then storms through the house, opens the front door and throws the saw out onto the street, yelling ‘Fuck it! It’s a piece of trash. I don’t care who takes the stupid thing.’

I got up and went into the kitchen to see what he had done. The saw had been plugged in, and he ripped the cord from the wall so hard that it pulled the socket out with it. There was a hole in the wall with wires sticking out.  

So, I just calmly walked back into the lounge and said, ‘Well. You just showed that inanimate object who’s boss.’ He turned around, his eyes narrowed and his nose and his mouth got all scrunched up into his goatee.

That’s when I thought, ‘Shit. Not the right thing to say.’ Then, suddenly, all those taught muscles just relaxed. His eyes opened, his mouth dropped, and he just started laughing. Then he comes over, kisses me on the head and says, ‘That’s why I love you. You really help me put things in perspective.’

He turned around, went outside and got his saw. When he came back in, he said, ‘Usually, when I get frustrated, I’ll calm down within minutes. It just feels good to vent.’ I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. He said ‘I love you.’

This is just getting all too serious. He took a shit this morning and left the door open a crack. Not something I want to see. Plus, he wears those stupid little loafers with the tassels on them with coloured socks, and his socks will either match his shirt or his tie. How weird.

I really didn’t feel like being around him after that tantrum; I certainly don’t want to be the beauty that calms the savage beast. I had bought presents for Fringe and Marathon, and I couldn’t be asked to return them. So, I figured I’d stop by the old flat, drop off the presents, and maybe make amends. I did leave in a bit of a huff.


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