You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!

I had been in a right stress of a mood today, and I’m so ready to be on holiday, but can I make it out of Scotland.

I have to work on Monday, and a one-day work week is feeling really pointless right now. But everyone has year end paperwork they want me to take down to the London office. They could have given me this stuff on Friday, but nooooo. Let’s make the intern work an extra day, dump it all on her at the last minute and then use her as a courier.

Although, I don’t even know if I’ll even get down to London. Everything’s shut because of the snow. And even if I get down south, Heathrow could be closed. Worst case scenario: no trains to London, Goatee gets a flight out from Glasgow to Vienna, but because my flight’s from London I’m stuck here all alone on Christmas.

Being I was in such gripe of a mood today, Goatee took time off from the loo remodelling project, and coerced me to watch his favourite Christmas film – A Christmas Story.

I’d never seen it before; it’s an American film set in the 1940s (or sometime before telly), and it is absolutely hilarious. There’s this kid named Ralph who wants a beebee gun for Christmas, and the whole story is this kid’s run up to Christmas and all the adventures he and his family get up to. Okay, when I say it that way, it sounds pretty rubbish. But it’s dead funny, it cheered me up, and I’m a lot less stressed.

I’ve embedded the trailer below, and the two images link to really funny moments in the film. If you haven’t already scene the film, definitely check it out.


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