Last Day of Work…Before the Christmas Holiday

Work is SOOOO stressful today. And honestly, even being here is annoying. I’m supposed to be on a train down to London tomorrow, so a one-day work week is feeling really quite silly. Everyone keeps throwing stuff at me to do before year end (ie before end of work today), and I’m keeping one eye on the train and plane schedule to see if I’ll even make it out of town.

Remember my little project where I was going to look and see which authors are doing well at the lending libraries, and then put together a marketing plan based on these figures? I figured that I’d look up the PLRs of our authors, and then determine from this information how often their books are being requested. Well, I was working on this last week, and a bunch of the figures came through this morning. I noticed that a lot of our authors aren’t receiving PLRs. So, I started searching all the Scottish libraries for their books (most library catalogues are now searchable online), and these same authors didn’t have any books placed with the libraries. I also noticed that these were some of the same authors that didn’t come to our MNM party.

This really drives home a point. If you want to be a successful author, stay in close contact with your publisher. I never hear or see these authors, and then, of course, we don’t push their books like those writers we see regularly.

I made a plan to send these books to various lending libraries in the New Year. Then I’ll contact the authors and let them know that they are entitled to PLRs. Once I’ve done this, I have a look at the authors who have been previously placed at libraries, and see how well their doing. Then go from their with my library marketing plan.

I was in the middle of writing all this down, when NFEditor comes around to my desk and starts (literally) throwing invoices at me. She said that they all needed to be processed today. From that point onwards my day just got manic, and I’ve had to put aside my library-marketing project until I return from holidays.

On top of work, I’m stressed about travel. Goatee’s got an early flight out of Glasgow tomorrow. He’s got a connection somewhere on the Continent before heading down to Vienna. I’m on the 11:40 train from Central Station, and I’ve got to come by the office on my way to the station to make sure that I have everyone’s paperwork for London.

Argggh. I guess I’d better get back to work. I hate this time of year.


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