The Big Shiney Moon

Goatee drug me out of bed at the crack of darkness so I could see the lunar eclipse – it fell on the same day as the winter solstice. As groggy and grumpy as I was, Goatee was kind enough not to make me trudge outside. We could see the moon from the window in the sitting room, and we stood there for ages watching the full moon turn into a new moon. It was weird watching the shadows go away, but then, the sun began to peak out from the bottom of the sky and the shadows came back — bur from a different direction.

Goatee woke me up early, but I would have probably gotten-up anyway. Goatee was out the door to catch his plane. He had a connection in Paris (or was it Amsterdam, I can’t remember) before flying down to Vienna. He left the house pretty early, and I just got a text from him saying he made it.

Before he left the house he gave me a huge hug and a big smoochy kiss. He was being kind of sentimental. He was worried I wouldn’t make it to Vienna. He really wants to spend Christmas with me; he wants me to meet his family; he wants us to spend the holidays together. He really hopes I can get out of Heathrow on Christmas Eve. I really want to spend Christmas with him too, but also I’d also be happy to just stay home with my family.

I mean, I’m excited and all, but I’m also kind of regretting that I’ve decided to go away. It won’t be the same without mum and Katie.

So, Goatee left, and I got up, got ready, finished packing, and took a taxi to the office. Boobs and NFEditor dumped so much paperwork on me, I was about to collapse under the weight. I was hoping for a ride to the train station with Intern2, but he’s not coming down until tomorrow, and I was so laden with stuff that HarryPotter offered to drive me.

I had planned on discreetly leaving his Christmas present  on his desk. I figured that he’d find it later, after I left.  But since he offered to drive me, I then decided to give him the gift just before I got out of the car. Really quick, no big thing.

He found a space fairly close to the station, but he couldn’t park there for that long.  I went to jump out, he grabbed my arm and said, ‘Wait, I’ve got something for you.’ He handed me a wrapped present. I was so excited. We exchanged presents and promised not to open them until Christmas Day. (Ha. I’ve already opened mine.)

He got out of the car and gave me a big Happy Christmas hug, and that’s when it dawned on me that I have never actually touched HarryPotter. I mean, yeah, I’m sure I’ve accidentally brushed against him, but I’ve never touched him, which is really weird as I’m a very tactile person.

We stood next to the car just kind of holding each other, neither one of us letting go…until another car honked and I jumped out of my skin.

HarryPotter got back into the car, we waived, and I ran into the station dragging my luggage behind me.

On the train, I unwrapped my present. It’s a gorgeous leather-bound journal. I can’t believe how well he knows me, I nearly cried then and there.

If I make it to Vienna, and I can’t blog for nearly a week, I’ll keep up my posts in the journal. Then I can transcribe them onto the blog once I’m home.

Speaking of home, the journey down south was a nightmare. An absolute nightmare. People were standing the entire time, and the train kept stopping, and we had to change trains a couple of times. How does a little bit of snow causes so much disruption? If other countries can deal with much more snow than this, why can’t we?

So, I finally made it home, with mum coming to collect me part way down. I never thought it would feel so good to walk through the front door of my house. I’ve only been gone three months, but it feels like years.

I’ve never been away from home for this long before. Sure, I moved into a flat in third year, but I was home on weekends and such. This time, coming back, it felt strange, like I was seeing my childhood home through someone else’s eyes.

I’ve settled in now. My old room, my old bed, my old dolls, my old posters on my old pink walls.  Outside the moon is huge and white, and the snow from the garden is so bright it looks like there’s shards of glass sparkling through the snow. The snow is reflecting the moon, it’s like someone has turned on a lantern. I wish Goatee were here to see it.

I’m so happy to be here, but I don’t feel like I belong in this house, but then again I don’t feel like I belong anywhere else. I guess I’m in that transition from University to an adult life. That part where childhood is in the distant past, but you feel like you can reach out and grab it.

I may call HarryPotter later. Just to say ‘Hello’. I don’t know. I might just go to bed.


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