Heading Home

28 December

I was feeling much better the morning we were to leave. I was up and packed sooner than I probably should have been.

Goatee’s parents and GoateeSon were back to France that afternoon on the train. GoateeSon and his family had a couple of weeks off, and planned on spending it in the north of France with his Grandparents. There seemed to be a bit of tension around this, as Goatee was asked several times by his parents, ‘Are you sure you can’t take time off work and come to France?’ But he always insisted that he was needed at work.

MNM could get along with out him. I knew it, and he knew it. But I had to play along, and when they asked, I simply said, ‘Yes, he’s got a very busy schedule.’

The relationship with his parents seemed quite cold, one that was reflected in his relationship with is son. But Goatee’s parents doted on their grandson in the same way that Goatee doted on his grandson.

It’s weird; I don’t know why parents have to wait until their children have babies to show affection. If they were as affectionate to their children as they are to their grandchildren, then half the family dramas probably wouldn’t happen.

Those of us staying in the hotel all had breakfast together in the morning, and GoateeSister’s family came around to say good-bye. GoateeSister’s husband drove those heading to France to the train station, and everyone was feeling a bit of trepidation. There had been major delays throughout France and everyone was nervous about making it home.

GoateeSon and GoateeMother said something strange. GoateeSon’s wife gave me a big hug and told me to befriend her on Facebook, and GoateeSon said, ‘Listen. Even if you and Dad don’t work out, you’re always welcome at ours. If you’re going to do a bit of travelling after the placement, think about spending sometime down our way.’

Then GoateeMother hugged me and said, ‘The same goes for us. You’re always welcome in France. No matter what.’

I simply said ‘Thanks’ and that I would ‘Keep that in mind’.

Goatee and his Brother’s family were supposed to fly through Paris, but somehow Goatee rearranged their flights so that they’d come back through London on the same flight as me.

We had no problems with our flight, and we landed on time in London. Goatee and his brother’s family had to dash to catch a flight up to Glasgow, so we said a quick ‘good bye’. Goatee said again that I should come up for Hogmanay, but I declined. Used the family and friend excuse.

They rushed off and I got on the Underground to make my way home.

I got in and the house was quiet. There were presents for me under the tree; ones Mum must have brought back from my aunt’s house, plus pressies from her. We’re supposed to do our Christmas tonight, but to be honest it all feels a bit anti-climactic now.

It felt weird being home alone. And it felt weirder being in Kingston. I wanted to be in Glasgow, but I didn’t want to be in Goatee’s house. Last night, I decided to ring HarryPotter, just to wish him a ‘Happy Christmas’.

I had never been so happy to hear a friend’s voice. We talked for hours  about absolutely nothing (it’s nice to have Mum’s landline). Maybe I will go back up to Glasgow for Hogmanay. HarryPotter said that the same crew who had the Halloween party are throwing a New Year’s party. I could stay at his. I don’t know. It’s something to think about.


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