Agents’ Blogs

I’ve recently gotten hooked on agent blogs, and found them to be very useful. The idea these days is that the only way to get published is through an agent, and in my experience at MNM, most of our authors come with representation. Therefore, who best to give advice on getting an agent, but an agent?

Blogs by Agents in the United Kingdom

Kate Nash Literary Agency’s Slush Pile Mountaineering

Several authors, agents and publishers post on How Publishing Really Works. There’s also a very good section on ‘What Agents Do’.

Simon Trewin’s blog provides useful information on publishging as well as marketing information on his authors. Also to note, is that he is judging the Lightship Award for aspiring novelists. 

The Wylie Merrick Literary Agency blog is fabulous. It gives honest posts about why books may not be picked up, as well as helpful information on their own authors. 

The Andrew Lownie Literary Agency website has some wonderful ‘articles’ on publishing and who’s been published. Plus you can check out Andrew Lownie’s previous blog on what it’s like to be an agent.

Useful Websites By/About Agents 

Blake Friedmann’s site isn’t really a blog; however, if you click on the agents section, you’re given bios which could provide useful. 

Jenny Brown Associates’ site is also not a blog, but a regular website for the agency. But click on ‘Submit Your Manuscript’ and there’s a very detailed outline of how to submit to her agency. This can give you an idea of what agents are looking for. 

Conville and Walsh has a very good ‘FAQ’ section, which provides answers to several frequently asked questions. 

Articles on Agents

The Novel Road: A great website that has interviews with authors, agents and publishers.

Guide to Literary Agents-Tips for the Query Letter: This is a very useful article, and if anyone’s found themselves in the Slush Pile of Shame or Slush Pile from Hell, perhaps this may help make your next query more successful. (Although in fairness, while the article is useful, the photo of the agent who posted it Chuck Sambuchino looks like an estate agent.)

Condensing all the hard work of finding the best agent blogs, this article lists The Top 5 Blogs Writers Should Be Following. (I believe most of these are US agents.)
They are:
*Janet Reid: Query Shark as well as her Literary Agency Blog
*Kristin Nelson: Pub Rants
*Nathan Bransford: Author and Agent with Curtis Brown (Check out his ‘How to write a query letter’ post.)
*Upstart Crow Literary Agency
*Rachelle Gardner: Rants and Ramblings (Has previously been mentioned on Notes from the Intern)
*Chuck Sambuchino’s Guide to Literary Agents

Blogs by Agents in the United States

Adventures from Agent Land: A very good blog in general that discusses the daily life of the agent.

Book Ends: A Literary Agency

Miss Snark
This blog is several years old, but have a paruse through the archives as there is quite a lot of useful information listed.

Lyons Literary Agency
Jonathan Lyons stopped blogging back on 8 December, but his archives will provide useful, and he has an extensive list of agents in his blogroll.

Caren Johnson Agency has a regular website with a special blog section.

Dystel and Goderich Literary Management

Babbles from Scott Eagan is an excellent blog that doesn’t just talk about publishing but he also interacts with his readers. Eagan is an agent with Greyhaus Literary Agency.

Ashley Grayson Literary Agency’s blog is a little less personalised than the other blogs but it gives very useful information on the industry in a straightforward manner.

KT Literary Agency‘s blog by Kate Schafer Testerman.

LinkFest has a much more extensive list of literary agents in the US who blog.

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