Late Christmas Presents

Pressies with Mum and Katie last night was alright. We were supposed to do them before I left, but we never got around to it. She tried to make the 29 December as Chrismassy as possibly; so mum broke out the mince pies and custard and put on the Christmas CD.

Mum was really practical this year, and she gave me vouchers to Tescos and ASDA (Mum quote: ‘I got you both because I wasn’t sure if they have these stores in Scotland.’ Me: rolling eyes.). And she also gave me some really warm flannel jammies, and the ‘Men of Hollyoaks’ calendar. Mum gives me a calendar every year, and with this one she said, ‘You still watch that programme don’t you? Your cousin said it’s very popular.’ Me: rolling eyes.

But I thanked her all the same. Katie got me a CD of the band Emilie Autumn. I’ve never heard of them and the shrink wrap was off, so I have a feeling it’s just one of Katie’s old CDs. My auntie sent presents as well. She’s a wonderful woman, but sometimes I’d wish she wouldn’t bother with Christmas presents. It’s not that I’m ungrateful; it’s just that she needn’t spend the money. Every year, she goes to PoundLand and spends £25 on each person on her list; essentially, getting everyone twenty-five tatty little gifts. She wraps each one, so that it looks like I’ve gotten tons of presents. This year I got things like men’s shower gel, a gold flatcap, knee highs, a pink pen with a fluffy top to it (okay, this is actually quite cute), and so on. I have no idea how I’m going to get all this stuff up to Scotland. I think I may need to swing by Oxfam on the way to Kings Cross and make a donation.

After opening gifts, Mum started taking down the tree and Katie went off to meet friends. There was a Polar Bear special on telly, narrated by David Tennant. He was using his Scottish accent, which is really weird when you’re used to hearing him as the very English Doctor. (Yes, I hate to admit it, but HarryPotter has sucked me into watching Dr Who repeats.) Eventually mum settled down with a tea, and I got on the internet.

I adjusted the ol’ bloggy woggy, and I started digging around looking at other sites. I got hooked on agent blogs, and found them to be very useful. There is a prevailing idea that the only way to get published is through an agent, and in my experience at MNM, most of our authors come with representation. Therefore, who best to give advice on getting an agent, but an agent?

I’ve accumulated several agents’ blogs, and listed them here. They’re also in ‘Key to the Blogroll’ and on the Blogroll.

Today has been a bit of a wash. I still can’t decide if I’m going back to Glasgow tomorrow to go to that party with HarryPotter, or if I’m going to stay and go out with D in London. I should call Goatee and say ‘hello’, but to be honest I just can’t be bothered.


2 responses to “Late Christmas Presents

  1. Like hell you’re going back to Glasgow. You’re coming out with me on New Years. End of.

  2. Well. That’s decided then. Ring me after work and let me know the plans.

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