An Office of One’s Own

The Office all to Myself

Did you know that today and tomorrow are Bank Holidays? I didn’t. (It’s only a Bank Holiday today in England, Scotland gets two days.) I found out this morning when I got up for work assuming that Goatee was going to give me a ride, only to discover him still in bed having a lie-in.

I’m the only one at the office, and I’m in to check emails and voice messages. Just to make sure that there’s no major publishing disasters occurring while everyone is at home. (Not really sure what constitutes a publishing disaster, but I’m here all the same.) In fairness, Intern2 came in sporadically over the Christmas holidays to check the messages, so I guess if he could do it then, I can do it now.

Also, as I’m the only one in the office, I could totally skive. But since I’m here, and I’ve got nothing better to do, I may as well do some work.

A mountain of Slush Pile submissions have come in. I guess the backlog of post from the snow — coupled with the fact that people are off work and have more time to contact publishers over the holidays — has landed me with twice the number of submissions we had at the end of November.

I’ve spent the day perusing through the ‘ol slush pile, and I’ve found two beauties that I just had to post in the Slush Pile of Shame.

I also completely finished the image copyright project. Yeah! I thought I’d had this done before the holidays, but I received a couple of emails while I was away, and now it’s all done and dusted. I can’t wait to see the book. This is the first one to be published that I will have had a significant impact on. I’m really excited.

Also, I am continuing on with my Library Project idea. I wanted to make sure that Scottish libraries are carrying our authors. And, regarding the authors we have not placed with libraries, I’d like to send a copy of each of their books to every library, but that would wipe us out. Although, I can send copies to the various councils, and hope that they can work on an inter-library loan system if needed. There are 32 different councils in Scotland, which isn’t that many, but I’ll need to get permission to send this many books out.

And, as I noted before Christmas, there’s about four authors (with an average of three books each) who aren’t placed in any library. I checked on Booksource to see how many books we have left in stock of these authors, and we are clean out of stock. So, I don’t know what’s going on. These authors are still on the accounts, some are receiving royalties, others are getting advances for next books, and I’ve seen a number of invoices. I wanted to keep this project a secret, and ‘wow’ the bosses with the marketing figures once I’ve done my research, but I’ll have to ask NFEditor or Boobs about it. These mystery authors are becoming a bit problematic, but at least I can get on with figuring out which of our ‘regular’ authors are being sought out at lending libraries. Then I’ll put together a marketing plan to sell to these areas.

So, this has been my day. Fairly productive actually, maybe it would be better if everyone stayed home very day.

Oh, and I want to place a little shout to Steph from Glasgow Intern. She recently wrote two posts, one on her decision to work in the charity sector and the other about the importance of volunteering in the ‘Big Society’. The second post could be quite controversial and a good point for a forum discussion. I tried to make a comment on the second post, but I wasn’t allowed without a Google account. Previously, I could post comments with my WordPress account, but that aspect of the site doesn’t seem to work. So, Steph, just to let you know, if you’re reading this. Love the posts, sorry I couldn’t comment.


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