Babysitting…Present and Future

After posting yesterday, I got a call from Goatee. He was still at the shops, but his mates had called, and asked if I would babysit that evening. They’d decided last minute to go out and see a show, and needed someone to watch the girls. Goatee had told them ‘yes’ without asking me, which kind of put me off. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it because last time it was quite awkward once they got home. They insisted upon paying me, which made me feel like some sort of thirteen year old neighbour girl, and then the Dad perved on me when he brought me home – once again making me feel like the thirteen year old neighbour girl…named Lolita. 

So, I asked Goatee if he would come with me. I figured that if he came and helped me watch the kids, then it would be a favour from one couple to another. Much more mature. And I wouldn’t have to be in a car alone with the kids’ handsy Dad.

I was surprise when Goatee agreed.

It turned out to be a really good night. Goatee is great with kids. I shouldn’t be surprised by this, because he’s great with his nephew, and he was wonderful with his Grandson. But those kids are his blood. I was kind of surprised to find him so patient, fun and energetic with a couple of kids who were in no way related to him.

He helped the girls make puppets out of bits of old sock, rubber bands, and marker pens. Then I did a puppet show from behind the sofa with the one of the girls, while the little one and Goatee sat in the audience. It was kind of a Punch and Judy thing, but with socks, and the little girl couldn’t remember to keep her head down.

We totally got the kids all wound-up and it was a challenge to get them to bed. But Goatee calmed them down with a quiet story about a duck who lived in a park with some pigeons. They giggled and ohhed, but fell asleep before he finished.

We went downstairs, I made him finish the story.

I haven’t really considered children. Well, not exactly. Plenty of girls I know from school have had kids by now, and, I’m like most woman, every time my period is even slightly late, I begin envisioning my future life with little rug rats. But, I haven’t really given children any thought. Granted, I don’t like being called a baby-making machine, but I’m not one of those women who hates kids and believes happiness lies in self-determined self-sufficiency. I’ve just thought kids would be a part of my very distant future. 

But after seeing Goatee with the kids, I really got to thinking… well, day dreaming. I can picture it: a summer day in the park, a boy and a girl (named Warren and Lilly), Goatee picks up the little girl and places her on the swing. I try to straighten the little boy’s cow lick, before he runs off to join his dad and sister.

Eventually the couple came home. We were offered a glass of wine, and we stayed around for a chat. Goatee and I were on the sofa, and the other two were in chairs. The talk was really just chit chat, but at one point Goatee put his hand on my knee. Nothing sexual really, just a bit of affection. But this action caused the husband’s eyes to go directly to my thigh, and there it stayed for way too long. This really started making me uncomfortable, especially as the wife didn’t notice, or maybe she just didn’t care. Either way, it was a bit weird. 

I faked a yawn, and Goatee took the hint. It was getting late.

On the way home I asked Goatee what he thought of the husband, and he just said, ‘He’s an okay bloke. Why?’

I shrugged it off.

Today Goatee is downstairs reading the Sunday papers, and I’m ‘writing my novel’, but I can’t stop planning our future. I’ve picked out names for our kids, and I’ve been looking at bigger houses on Right Move, and I’ve started looking at public schools in the area. I know, it’s stupid and extremely silly, but fun all the same. Kind of like window shopping for your future. Not sure if you’re going to buy, but having a browse all the same.


2 responses to “Babysitting…Present and Future

  1. i do this all the time! glad I’m not the only one 🙂

  2. Everyone window shops for the future. Don’t they???

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