I Just Realised I’m Billy No Mates

We’re supposed to spend tomorrow with Goatee’s brother. I’m okay with this, but I’m kind of getting bored of the whole never going out thing. I haven’t been to the pub in AGES. So, I figured, if I’m having a little Goatee time this weekend, I should have a little friend time on Friday night…sans Goatee. Well, I was wrong.

I forgot that the only friend I really have in Glasgow is HarryPotter, and it turns out he’s ‘busy’ tonight, which is weird because it’s not like he has loads of friends either. At lunch I asked if he wanted to go see a gig, or a film, or even maybe just hit the pub after work. But not only was he checking his mobile all during lunch – a total pet peeve of mine, how hard is it to pay attention to the person sitting across from you? – he was also really cagy about where he was going after work and with whom. So, I just let it drop. Plus, Goatee gets really snippy about HarryPotter, so if I was going to hangout after work with HarryPotter, I’d probably have to give Goatee some lame excuse.

Despite my realisation that I am a great big lonely saddo, there are two upsides to my day. My Christmas bonus was in my bank account today. Yeah! And, I found this really hilarious video which summarises 90% of the submissions in the slush pile. So You Want to Be A Novelist (Also, thumb around the site, it’s a fantastic Agent blog.)


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