Switching Rolls

HarryPotter doesn’t live in the best area of Glasgow, but his flat is quite convenient for the underground. He’s smack between metro stations, but luckily he drives in (he scored a pass for a car park by the office ages ago), and he gave me a ride this morning.

I was so nervous about coming in because EVERYONE would know what happened. (It’s one thing to tell you guys online, I don’t have to see your judging faces. It’s another thing to walk into an office and have everyone staring at you with their little condescending eyes.) Plus, I just simply didn’t want to see Goatee. A big part of me knew I didn’t have the strength to see him, and I was worried that I’d bolt as soon as he came in the door.

We got into the office and I had completely forgotten it was Wednesday (meaning Wednesday morning meeting), so I had to go back out and get the coffees and muffins. I only had about ten minutes to run down to the café and get back before the meeting, but I wanted to walk slow. I wanted that trip to take forever. All I could think about was how we’d all be at the meeting, sitting around the conference table. I could picture Goatee sitting across from me, with that stupid little beardy grin, and NFEditor draped across him. I know, or I hope, she’d have the good sense to not fling herself across him while we’re in the meeting, but she’s just a nutter so who knows what she’d do.

I finally got back to the office, and the meeting started. Much to my surprise Goatee didn’t come into work. Intern2 said that he went down South to talk to retailers and meet some people in the London office, so he would be out of the office for the rest of the week. I actually sighed with relief. Not the best reaction, as NFEditor let out a little smirk when I sighed. The stupid cow.

Boobs also officially stated that Intern2 and I were reversing rolls. That I am to hand over all my Nonfiction projects to Intern2, and he’ll hand over his projects to me. NFEditor rolled her eyes. The stupid cow.

You know, I’m going to digress for a moment. I really hate NFEditor. Not simply because she slept with my boyfriend. That was Goatee’s decision, and I’m not going to blame that on NFEditor. I hate her because I bet she was one of those girls in school who started rumours, caused fights, and generally brought mayhem upon quiet little social circles just for her own amusement. I hate her because I bet she was one of these people in school, and she’s still like that as an adult. I should feel sorry for her – a woman her age acting like a teenager. But, in my stages of break-up grief, I haven’t gotten around to ‘pity’ yet. I’m stuck on hate, and I think I’ll be stuck here for a long time.

Anyway. Digression over.

After the meeting, Intern2 came over to my desk with a giant stack of folders. He’s given me three novels he’s working on, and I had nothing to give him. That’s right. Nothing. It’s not that like I don’t do anything, it’s just that most of my job is front of house. On occasion, NFEditor has me send out a press release or contact an author, but for the most part she just gives me busy work – which I’ve learned to do very quickly or just ignore. Half the time her projects are ridiculous. Remember, her request for me to make a list of all the nonfiction books…ever written

Although, I do have folders with information on all the current and upcoming nonfiction publications, so I gave those to him and wished him ‘luck’. This time he sighed and said, ‘Yeah. I think I’ll need it.’

Then Boobs called me into her office. She said that she wants me to spend the day familiarizing myself with the fiction titles that Inter2 had been working on, and she also gave me MyAuthor’s new manuscript, and I’m to have that read by tomorrow as well.

I spent the rest of the day reading, reading, reading. Inter2 had loads of notes on the three books he’d given me, which was really good. As much as I want to work on fiction, it’s all kind of scary. I’m not really sure how much to edit, or exactly where to go from here. Most of his notes were on marketing plans for each book, passages that would be good excerpts for dust jackets, and notes on other authors to approach for quotations. But still, it’s nice to have something to follow.

HarryPotter wanted to reinstate cinema Wednesdays, but I don’t want to let Boobs down. So, I’ve had to put him off for the night, and I’m just now locked away in my little box room reading MyAuthor’s manuscript. I don’t care if I’m up all night, I’m going to finish it. Then again, it’s so absolutely wonderfully amazing I don’t want to stop reading. I so wish I could tell you who MyAuthor is and what her new book is about. It’s so great. But, obviously, this isn’t possible. Hopefully, Boobs will have me do something really fun with it!

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