A Night in the Caravan

We stopped off at a huge Tescos near Edinburgh, and bought a case of Tennents, a few bottles of white, a bottle of Bells and a bottle of gin. We also got some tonic and a few bags of crips and some apples. We talked about getting stuff to cook, then both admitted being more the micro-wave type. So we threw some Cheereos into the trolly with some milk and a box of Tetley’s, and our shopping was done.

We headed into Fife and I fell asleep in the car. 

I woke up just as we were heading out of Cupar and HarryPotter said we weren’t too far off. We were certainly in the middle of no-where and I asked if he was sure he knew where we were going. You know men, they could be completely lost and never admit it. He swore we were going in the right direction, and then I saw signs for St Andrews. We were driving along a dark field and the town came rising out of the horizon. Even from a distance in the dark you can tell it’s medieval, with these big stone towers rising up like something from Lord of the Rings. (Yes, I have been hanging out with HarryPotter too much. The SciFi is rubbing off on me.)

Suddenly we were there. No sprawl to go through, just fields, then town. And a tiny town it was too. We drove up a main street, swung around by a ruined Cathedral, up another street and we were out of the town. Within minutes we passed through the whole thing. I couldn’t help but think, ‘Why would Prince William come to Uni in the back of beyond? There’s absolutely nothing here!’

We got to the site and found the caravan. His parent’s place isn’t right over the cliffside, but you can still see out to the North Sea and down to the town. HarryPotter fussed about with a fuse box and the electricity came one. I pulled everything from the car, while he tried to get the boiler going. I had everything unpacked, beds made, and bags put away, and he was still dicking about with the gas. I told him to call his dad, get proper directions on how to sort it. I didn’t want him blowing up the place, but he said, ‘No. He’s already told me how to do it. There’s just something wrong. This stupid thing must be broken.’

Then he walked over, turned on the telly, and flopped down on the sofa-type-bench-caravan-type thing. He said he’d ring his dad in the morning. To be honest, the place was freezing and I was not looking forward to spending the night in a cold metal box with no heating.

I saw a restaurant on the grounds as we came in, so I suggested we go there and warm up. But HarryPotter was obviously in a foul mood after trying to get the gas to work, so he snapped and said, ‘What’s the point of us buying all that booze, if we’re going to go spend money in the pub.’ So I threw him a can of beer, and I opened a bottle of wine for myself. At least, I knew the wine would stay chilled.

We should have brought a Snuggly.

He went and pulled the duvets off beds I’d just made. I curled up on the floor, and he stayed on the sofa. We watched a bit of telly and ate a bit of left over lasagne, and I completely fell asleep within moments. I woke-up ages later with HarryPotter nudging me to go to bed, and I tromped off into a back room (really just a box with a double bed in it) for a very cold night’s sleep.

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