Sick Kids

I got an unusual call today. The lady who I had babysat for, the friends of Goatee, rang me today. Her husband’s parents are having a 50th anniversary do that evening, and they had planned on taking the kids, but the oldest girl got sick. So, now they’re looking for a babysitter. 

‘Oh, they won’t be any trouble. She’s just got a bit of the sniffles, hardly sick at all. Just don’t want to take her; there’ll be a lot of older folks at the party. Don’t want to put ill children around the old dears.’

What about me? I don’t want to be around sick kids either.

But she sounded desperate, and I have a compulsive need to please people I don’t really know or care about. Plus, she has a habit of paying me. So, I agreed to go over after work.

She didn’t say anything about Goatee, and it’s weird she’d call her mate’s ex-girlfriend to watch her children. I know I’ve done it before, but it was a bit different when I was going out with Goatee. Now it’s kind of weird. Either she is desperate for a sitter, or she doesn’t know Goatee and I broke-up. Not really looking forward to this.


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