The Buzzer

I was so happy to find the engineer at the office when I got in. Boobs was there early sorting out the lock and the buzzer for the front door. Most of the offices on our block have a front door that leads to several offices, with a lock and a buzzer system outside. But ours is different. The front door leads straight into a long narrow hallway, which is the front reception to MNM. Before I arrived, we had a buzzer and intercom system, but that’s since broken. I’m so happy that Boobs has gotten this fixed. It isn’t smart to have an office just open to the public out in the middle of Glasgow. It’s like we were asking for trouble.

Today proved how we much we needed to beef up security. Mentalist fuck-wit rang today. Luckily I recognise his voice now, so I could detour him away from Boobs. He tried his casual ‘Yeah, you know me, I know everything about you, see I’m just a friend, patch me through’ trick. Which did not work. I simply said, ‘I’m afraid she is out of the office, is there anything I can do for you?’ 

This is when he started to get irate, called me a ‘bitch’, and demanded I not only put him through to Boobs but that I also have his manuscript on her desk that very second, so that he could go over it with her on the phone. I said that we do not discuss unsolicited manuscripts with the authors, that we have sent him a rejection, and that he should try another publishing house. This sent him into a tirade about Boobs was the only editor he was willing to work with, and that I personally was keeping him from his destiny.

I’m really proud of myself; I kept my composure, and the moment he started swearing again I cut him off. Then when I saw his number flash on the phone, I didn’t answer it.

Yesterday was the closing date for Spring Internship applications, so Boobs, Goatee and NFEditor spent the afternoon in the conference room going over the forms. It’s really weird to think that I have just over a month left. I’ve only just now gotten the hang of the job, and after mentalist stalker rang today it dawned on me how much I’ve learned that’s not covered in any manual.

While the three of them were going over applications, I popped my head into the conference room. I told them that I would be willing to stay on an extra week, just to help train the new intern. (Yes, I’m silly. I should just hit the hills running on my last day, but I quite feel sorry for this incoming person.) But the three of them waved me off by saying, ‘That’s not necessary.’ ‘Fine’ I thought, ‘You train them.’ And I stormed back to my desk.

MNM really shouldn’t rely on interns for this job. It takes so long to get up to speed. And the way they waved me away made me feel like they didn’t trust my training skills. Well, screw them. They’ll have to sort out training (or they won’t), and that poor person will have to learn the ropes. And while it’s not quite fair to throw someone into this position without any training (as I was), that’s life really. In hindsight this placement has certainly made me more prepared for ‘life’ than I ever thought it would. The only question left is, ‘What do I do with my life when the new intern comes to replace me?’


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