The Job Hunt Continues

Today Goatee is out giving talks to local Universities and Colleges. He’s doing Q&A sessions on publishing and promoting the September internship. Yes, September. The deadline for the March placement has come and gone, and students are already thinking about fall 2011. This scares the bejesus out of me, because I’ve got one month left at MNM and no job prospects. I can’t even begin to worry about six months down the road.

However, I’ve decided to cast aside my usual habit of moaning, ‘Oh, sad me, what shall I do?’ Instead, as a part of my new found moto, ‘take responsibility for one’s own actions’, I spent my morning sending cold call emails to various publishers and agents asking if there were any jobs going in the future. I’ve already sent similar emails to people I’ve met in the industry, so these went out to those I don’t know.

It’s a bit unorthodox to contact someone you’ve never met and ask for a job, but in these uncertain times (blah, blah, blah, recession, recession, recession) you need to break the rules to get a job. Or that’s what all the ‘how to get a job’ blogs are saying at the moment.

I modified the previous enquiry by adding a bit more about myself. I also spent last night perfecting my CV. This had the added benefit of giving me an excuse to hide in my room, because I’ve become a lameoid git who’s unable to even speak to the guy she fancies, despite the fact we’ve been best friends for months and we share a bathroom, so I should just get over my issues. Anyway, I digress, and my CV is quite perked-up due to hermitting myself away last night.

With enquiry letters and CVs sent, and I’m hoping to get some bites. So here’s fingers crossed job hunting.

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