Blogging about work turns out to be productive

I want to sleep!

Because interns aren’t allowed to do the books, NFEditor is supposed to do her own accounts now. But being that she’s a lazy ignorant cow who couldn’t get through the self-checkout lane at Tesco, let alone organise her own budget, she’s just handed all her stuff over to Intern2. So, despite the ruling that interns aren’t supposed to be responsible for money, Intern2 is now responsible for money. Better him than me.

However, he noticed a discrepancy that I noticed ages ago. I thought it was just me, but evidently something is wrong with the books. Some authors are receiving payments to more than one bank account, while several companies are all going into a single bank account.

As NFEditor is away on holiday, Intern2 asked me about it. I told him that I’d asked NFEditor about that exact same thing, but as I am so absolutely knackered I can’t remember what she said. Although, I think I wrote about it in my blog. The problem is, I can’t very well tell Intern2, ‘Oh, it’s in my blog, I’ll go look it up.’ So, I told him that I made a note of it somewhere, and I’d get back to him. I searched through my posts, found the answer, and sent him a quick email outlining what NFEditor told me about multiple bank accounts.  

It’s about bloody time this blog came in handy. See, divulging your heart on the internet has its bonuses. Now if I can just stay awake long enough to click ‘publish pos……..


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