Daisy and Tim

I am so very, very knackered. HarryPotter and I are telly watching fools. So, as you may or may not be aware, Channel 4 is now running old episodes of Spaced on Sunday night. Months and months ago, HarryPotter and I talked about having a Spaced weekend marathon, but we never got around to it. But now with the new Simon Pegg movie coming out and Spaced on Channel 4, how could we not have a Spaced marathon? Although, watching all two seasons in one night during a work week may not have been the best idea.

We didn’t mean to watch the whole box set, but you know how it is. ‘Oh, I’ll just watch one episode’, then when that’s finished, ‘Oh, I’ll just watch one more…and another…and another…and another,’ until the sun’s up and you’re late for work, because you stayed up all night watching the antics of Daisy and Tim.

Now, today is so not a functioning day, despite I’ve had two cups of café coffee and about a million cups of tea. Although, there was a benefit to watching the story of Daisy and Tim unfold. Towards the end of the second series, you want them to get together. You’re hoping they get together.


(If you haven’t seen this decade old television show and you don’t want to know what happens by the end of the series, turn away here)***

But they never get together, and by the end you’re happy with that. They should be friends, and being something more would ruin it.

You know, maybe I’ve been pushing this romance thing a little too hard. Maybe I should just be happy with HarryPotter as a friend. I think I’m going to give my feelings a rest for a while. At the very least I’ll be more relaxed around HarryPotter than I have been for the last week.

PS-My last day at work is in one month from today. (Though the 10th is a Thursday, maybe they’ll expect me to work the whole week? Perhaps I should ask.) Anyway, let the count down begin!

PSS-I’ve just come back and added this PSS. I asked Boobs if she wanted me to stick around until the 11 March. Especially if I needed to train a new intern. Her response was, ‘No. The 10th is your last day. We can train those on the new placements ourselves.’ Great to know that I’m valued. Anyway, here’s the count down…28 days until it’s all over.


2 responses to “Daisy and Tim

  1. Are you counting down to the last day of your placement or the last day of blogging orr both? Can I please ask that once you’re finished with your job that you keep on posting. My day would be so boring without your blog to read. Please keep going!

    • I can’t imagine that I’d stop posting. It’s become quite the habit. But if I don’t get a job I don’t know how interesting my posts will be. Sitting on mum or dad’s sofa watching Loose Women eating jaffa cakes can’t be a very interesting life to post about. Perhaps I’ll have to go down the ‘topical’ route and post musings about celebrity gossip, current events and jaffa cakes. I don’t know. But thanks so much for the support. You’re comment is so very much appreciated.

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