Quick Blogroll Additions

I found these four websites that budding writers might find useful:Adventures from Agent Land: A very good blog in general that discusses the daily life of the agent. I suggest a wander through the entire blog, but this one particular post is quite interesting: My Author Scarf and My Agent Shoes. It is so very easy to put people in the literary world into categories: publishers, agents, writers, journalists, etc. But perhaps these lines aren’t so definite, writers can be publishers, agents can be writers, and journalists can become agents. This agent discusses how she tries to live the life of both an agent and a writer.  

Birlinn Books: More and more publishers are coming up with blogs. Not only does it help them market new books, but it gives those on the outside an intimate view into the world of publishing. Birlinn is an Edinburgh based publication, and I believe they’re an imprint of a larger company. Seems like imprints are popping up everywhere.  

Conville and Walsh: This is a London based agency, and while the website is not a blog, it’s ‘news’ section is a good way to keep up on who’s getting published and what new authors are getting contracts. Plus, I’ve met an agent from Conville and Walsh when I was in Uni, and I remember them being really nice and approachable. 

Hyperbole and a Half: Not a writing website per se, but definitely one to put into the In Search of New Writing section. It’s a combination of short fiction and weird little crazy comic book pictures. Really funny, really strange, have a look.

2 responses to “Quick Blogroll Additions

  1. I haven’t been following your blog long enough to know for sure that you’d find this interesting, but I follow a daily humor bit about writers that you might be interested in:

    Bo’s Cafe Life

    It’s kind of a kick. Especially as you get to know some of the characters. Just a suggestion. 🙂

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