The Doctor and the Student Journalist

Just before lunch this girl rang the buzzer and asked for Dr. [surname]. Assuming she had the wrong address, told her ‘Sorry but we have no one by that name here.’ She then buzzed again and asked if this was MNM publishing? Then I realised that it was Goatee she was looking for; completely forgot he had a Doctorate.

I buzzed her in, and she said she had an appointment with Dr. Goatee [surname]. Being in a receptionist type position gives me the wonderful advantage of legitimizing my nosiness. In a very professional manner, I asked, ‘And may ask the nature of your appointment’, and pretended to look at a schedule on a computer.

She said that he’d come to her creative writing class at Uni, and he offered to give her an interview about ‘the Changing Face of Publishing’ for the student magazine. I bet he jumped at the chance to give an interview to a tiny undergraduate female with a perfect arse and huge tits. And no wonder he drug out the old PhD, he was trying to impress women in academia. What a skeeze.

I buzzed his office, and he came around to collect the little budding journalist. She thanked him for taking the time to speak with her, and he said, ‘How about we go out to lunch. I’ll show you what publishing was like before the recession.’

What a skeeeze. He used that exact same line on me. I am sick to death that I ever feel for that cheesy slimy fuck-wit.

…27 days to go.


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