The Cross Country Dream

Control my life. Vote on how to tell my flatmate I like him.

HarryPotter and I went and saw PAUL. It’s a pretty fun film, and I thought the Christianity vs Evolution gags were quite smart and cheeky. The film is tagged as a comedy science fiction, but it definitely more of a road movie. Pegg and Frost’s characters travel the width of America in order to attend a Sci-Fi Convention in California, and it’s along the way that they meet the alien.

This film solidified my desire to go travelling. I would love to take a road trip across the States: starting in New York, winding my way down south, then going across the desert and over to California. I want to go to a Baptist church in the south where people sing gospel songs, and eat BBQ in Texas, and cross the Mississippi, and sleep under the stars in the Nevada desert before hitting the slots in Las Vegas. (None of this happens in the film, this is my own fantasy sequence of events.) I want to fend off bears and rednecks, and I want to meet crusty hippies who don’t realise that flower power is long since over. I want to eat a steak the size of a toilet seat. Well, maybe not eat it, but I’d like to see it.

Of course, who would be the best buddy for such an adventure? HarryPotter. I can picture us in an old VW van. Stopping for a road-side wee, and ordering a slice of pie in a diner. Meeting up with R in New Orleans and hitting the blues bars.

And whether HarryPotter’s a friend or a boyfriend, I think we’d have loads of fun on this sort of adventure. And, why not? In a month I’ll be jobless, homeless, and have loads of free time. And, HarryPotter. He could sublet his flat, and maybe even do a little freelance computer designy stuff during our travels.

You may be wondering what’s stopping me. I’m broke; that’s what’s stopping me. While sleeping in a van may be an inexpensive form of travel, I’d need SOME money, and right now I have none. Plus, I haven’t let HarryPotter in on my little plan, so I have no idea what his cash situation is like. He could be as skint as I am.

So, for now, I’ll keep on dreaming, and I’ll keep on scheming until I can find a way to make my travel plans a reality.

…still 22 days to go.


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