The Poll Has Spoken

I made an internet promise which stated I would do whatever the poll suggests in regards to telling HarryPotter how I feel about him. Drum roll please, the results are as follows:

Both emofalltrades and Esther Phase were the respective voices of sanity, and one clever little joker wrote in the ‘others’ comment section: Post something on the internet and see if he reads it.

Ha ha, very funny.

While Esther is probably correct (I need to step back, calm down, and think things through rationally), I can’t help it if my jealous emotions are running rampant. Plus, who can blame my over zealous jealous tendencies after today’s events?

The spring placements were announced today. (Well, not really announced. Boobs told HarryPotter, who then told me. It’s not like the X Factor — like all the candidates were all invited back to the office, lined up, and with a dramatic pause Boobs said, ‘And this spring’s MNM placement will be…’) Anyway, digression. Some guy is getting one of the internships; I have absolutely no feelings about his acceptance, except that I feel sorry for the poor bastard. And EvilCowDogSlutFace got the other placement.

Yep. The little slag will be working with HarryPotter every day for six months. This is so not good for my jealousy levels.

HarryPotter told me the happy news (sarcasim here) and then said, ‘I was going to text her to say congratulations, but I can’t find her number in my phone.’

I gave him the ‘Woopsie daisy. How did that happen?’ look.

To which he added, ‘Oh well. I’ll just get it off her application.’

Drat! I hadn’t thought of that.

So, with 47.62% of you lot saying ‘Sit down and have a calm and sober conversation’ — and the very thought EvilCowDogSlutFace sending me around the bend — he and I NEED to have ‘the talk’.

If we end up together, then I’ll have a legitimate reason to get snippy when EvilCowDogSlutFace puts her flirty little fingers on HarryPotter’s arm. If HarryPotter tells me to piss off, at least I can deal with it. Or, if he says, ‘I like you too, but we should stay friends because of [100,000 different reasons here]’, then I know I still have a friend. So, all that is left to do is…well…talk to him. 

Unfortunately, my plans have been momentarily thwarted. Just before leaving the office, HarryPotter informed me that he couldn’t drive me home from work, because he’s got to go by his parent’s house. His Dad clicked on a dodgy email and has downloaded a virus onto the family computer. His Mum is going mental because she’s in charge of the neighborhood allotment newsletter, which is due to go out on Saturday, but the computer’s been corrupted…you know, family drama sort of stuff. On a positive note, HarryPotter asked if I wanted to come along and hang out at his parents while he fixed the computer. I turned down the invitation for two reasons:

  1. Small talk with someone else’s parents (no matter who cool and glamorous they are) is even worse than small talk with your own.
  2. This will give me time to decide what I’m going to say to HarryPotter once he gets home tonight.

All I have to do is plan my ‘I really like you speech’. Urrggghhhh. Any suggestions as to what I should say? Taking any and all help here, feel free to comment.

PS-A few weeks back an agent and a publisher told me to get back in touch regarding possible jobs. I’ve sent follow-up emails today. Fingers crossed something in my life goes right.

…20 days to go.


4 responses to “The Poll Has Spoken

  1. I hope the talk goes well tonight. EvilCowDogSlutFace sounds like a real slag (I actually looked this word up to make sure I was using it correctly). I wish I had better advice than this, but just tell him how you feel and remind him of what he said the other night about liking you. Or maybe before mentioning your feelings, question him to see how much he remembers. I’m a crap advice giver, I know. Anywyas, I hope it all goes well.

    • Awww. I love your advice. Thank you so much. And EvilCowDogSlutFace is a big slag, and you did use the word correctly. (You are indeed the most adorable person.) HP’s still not home, and I’m crawling the walls. So, I’m writing down my speech. I am so very nervous. But you’ve got a good point. I’ll bring up last weekend, and see how much he remembers. That might give me some indication as to how I should proceed.
      Thank you so, very, very much!

  2. Ugh, the fact that he hasn’t made it home would drive me crazy nuts! When I set my mind to do something, I just need to get it over with before I go bat shit crazy. Glad my advice helped you out some! Hope he makes it back soon.

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