The Love-ish Letter

It’s after 2am and he’s still not home. It’s terribly late to still be at the ‘rents fixing their computer. Did he decide to stay the night at his parent’s and crash in the old childhood bedroom? Did some mates call, and he went straight out after fixing the computer? Did he call EvilCowDogSlutFace to say congrats on the placement, and they met up for celebratory drinks, only to find themselves in the throws of passion?

At first I was glad he was late coming home, as it gave me time to get ready. I planned out my speech by writing it down. (I’ve pasted my scribbles below.) But, now I’m too tired, and the little shit isn’t here. Arggggh!

My Scribbles:

[HarryPotter name here] a lot has happened in the last several months, but I wouldn’t change any of it, because

[HarryPotter name here] I adore you. I want to be with you.

Fuck the shit out of me now.

[HarryPotter name here] there’s something really important I want to talk to you about. As I’m due to leave in a few weeks, it may be silly to bring it up, but I feel like I can’t continue living here if I keep silent  I just have to say something. I fancy the pants off you. I am so very happy   appreciative thankful for our your friendship. I’d rather spend the evening with you than do anything else Not only do I have such fun with you, but you’ve always been there for me, and I feel like I can trust you with anything. And I trust you with my heart. Which is why I feel comfortable saying that I really like you. I don’t think last weekend was a drunken fluke, and I kind of want to take things further. My future is really uncertain at the moment, but I know I want you to be a part of it – either as a friend or a lover   boyfriend  maybe more than a friend.

This will elicit one of two responses from HarryPotter:
1. shock and horror
2. big time snogging

God, I hope it’s big time snogging.


2 responses to “The Love-ish Letter

  1. Actually, I’m not so sure the “I’d rather spend an evening with you than do anything else” bit should be taken out. It’s sweet, and who doesn’t want to know they’re wanted? Good for you, for taking this option and running with it. From everything you’ve said of Harry Potter, it really seems like the best option! I can’t wait to hear that all has gone well, and that “big time snogging” has ensued!

    • Yes. Yes he does seem like the best option. Sometimes it’s easy to be unsure of your own decisions, so it’s nice when others validate them. Thanks. And I’ve changed my little speech. You’re right, I would love it if someone told me ‘I’d rather spend an evening with you than do anything else’. I originally took it out because I thought it sounded a bit clingy, but so what if it’s clingy, I would love it if someone were that ‘clingy’ with me. Thanks so much for your help.

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