Crazy Work Gossip

There was a match at Ibrox, causing the usual pre and post match mayhem, and because they didn’t want to get caught up in the who-ha Roger and Intern2 stuck around for the day. Everyone just hung about playing the Xbox and watching telly, but eventually Intern2 and I got to talking about work.

I said I was worried about getting a reference, and he said that he’s mentally shut off from the placement since he’s got a job lined up anyway. I mentioned that despite all the drama, I’ve learned quite a lot while at MNM. To this, he commented that he’s learned, ‘How not to run a publishing company.’

I suggested that while it was quite a frustrating place to work, it’s not ‘that bad’. HarryPotter and Intern2 both humphed a little laugh. I shrugged and argued my case. That while it’s a bit mismanaged, and NFEditor isn’t the best of managers…or editor…or person, it’s an independent publisher that’s supporting local literature.

To this Intern2 argued that simply publishing local literature is not really supporting it. That by not staying with the trends, implementing proper marketing plans, and staying on top of finances, they aren’t doing local authors any favours. Intern2 said that if they aren’t careful, being published with MNM will become a joke, and agents will take their more talented authors elsewhere. I told him that MyAuthor had left MNM for another publisher. At this, Intern2 nudged HarryPotter and said, ‘Get out mate, while you can. It’s a sinking ship.’ To which HarryPotter mumbled, ‘I’m happy where I am.’

Intern2 and I had a really good discussion about publishing and running a company, and the home office audit naturally came up. I said that I’m pretty positive that it’s NFEditor stealing from the company, to which Intern2 replied, ‘Well someone is. That bollocks about authors getting paid into different bank accounts under different names is nonsense.’

I was surprised, and told him that there are several occurrences of authors getting paid into different accounts under different names, and asked why that’s not legitimate. He went on to say that working under a pseudonym is fairly straight forward. The contract is in the author’s real name with a clause for the pen name, and all payments either go to the author (in their real name) or through the agent. In fact, most publishers still use physical cheques so that there’s a paper trail, and MNM deposits straight into a bank account only because all payments go through home office, and it’s easier for them to set up an online transaction for all MNM payments. Intern2 added, ‘That money is going in to the pockets of someone in the office. It’s not legitimate.’

This sealed it. It was NFEditor who told me that it’s normal to have multiple accounts for one book. This is absolutely crazy. I’m sure the auditors had to have sussed this out. This is absolute crazy. I can’t believe this was all happening under my nose. I sincerely hope I’m there when NFEditor gets busted. Once this breaks it may even be all over the news, or at least the trade publications. Or will home office keep it quiet? I’m sure having an editor steeling from the company is something MNM would want to keep on the QT. If this goes down after I leave, I’m going to be so disappointed.


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