Time is Running Out

Too much to do, too little time

I’m trying to get everything tied up before I leave the placement. I have another manuscript to sort out, the usual daily tasks of distribution, email responses and general admin duties, and I’m trying to update the incoming intern manual so that they have more information coming into the job than I ever had.

Not only am I doing all these things because it’s my job, and I have some sort of misguided notion of finishing what I start (some people call it a ‘work ethic’, I call it ‘being a schmuck’), but I am also desperately trying to get a reference from Boobs, so I need to prove to her that not only am I reference worthy, but there’s no way MNM could ever survive without me. And, as bad as it’s been being the intern at MNM, at least I haven’t been shot at like the poor intern with the Chelsea Football Club.

I stayed in the office until nearly 7pm, with patient HarryPotter waiting at his desk to take me home. I say waiting patiently, but actually he was playing with some graphic novel downloads.

I also don’t want the new interns to come into a back log of slush pile submissions, so I’ve taken work home with me. So, that’s my fun evening. Slushing through the slush pile… yeah.

BTW, I’m trying to figure out a way to get everything up to speed for the new interns, give the appearance that I’m all ready for the hand over, and covertly sabotage EvilCowDogSlutFace so that she’s crowned ‘worst intern ever’ instead of me. This title would cause her to leave the job in disgrace, and I wouldn’t have to worry about HarryPotter seeing the little slag at work everyday.

Although, that could back fire. If she loses her job, she could go to him in comfort, and then all bet are off. Okay, new plan. Make it so that EvilCowDogSlutFace is so over worked she has no time to flirt, has no time to do her hair, and becomes terribly unappealing.

…10 days to go.

Holy shit. I’ve only got ten days of a placement left. I’ve spent so much time focusing on my work, I’ve kind of forgotten that I have no plans for after the placement. I am now in mild panic. Just this morning on the way to work HarryPotter said, ‘If you want, you can stay in the flat after the placement.’ I was thinking, ‘Oh that’s ages away. Not really worth dealing with right now.’ Well, it’s not ages away. I told HarryPotter that I wanted to go home for a bit, but I might come back, if that was okay with him. He said he was fine with that. But what the fuck? Am I coming back?

Sorry for the stream of consciousness post, but I am truly just now realising, as I type, that I am done in ten days. What am I doing! I better get my shit sorted.

2 responses to “Time is Running Out

  1. In ten days you’ll still have the support system you have today. Don’t panic, just take care of your work. And yes, it’s a work ethic. Even if other people think you’re a schmuck for it, you should be proud of yourself! It’ll all work out!

    • Awww. Thanks so much Skyddsdrake. I really appreciate that. I’m sure you’ve seen that just today, I got a job interview. I am so very, very excited. And of course, I’ll let my blogy support system know how it goes. Thanks so much.

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