TheBoy is Back! Sort of…

Got a text from D during lunch. Below is our back and forth:

D: ‘on [street] just saw [TheBoy] wth grlfrnd shes got a baby bump’
Me: ‘WTF! what she look like? maybe it was his wife?’
D: ‘dont know. sknny brwn hair  wth baby bump’
Me: ‘Take a picture and send it to me.’
D: ‘cant theyv walkd off’
Me: ‘U sure they were together?’
D: ‘they wr hldng hands’
Me: ‘U sure it was him?’
D: ‘Def him.’

Crazy! So many questions. But, the nice thing is, after getting this text, I realised that I am really, totally, completely, over him. No jealousy, no pain, nothing. Well, I’m curious as to who the woman is. I’m not curious as an ex-girlfriend is curious, but more in a ‘Wow, someone I know got someone knocked-up’ sort of a way. Crazy!


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