Cannelloni and Clapton

Just a quick note to let you know how cannelloni and Clapton came off.

First tip in making this dish, don’t over cook your pasta because then it’ll tear when you try to stuff it. In fact, we ended up with more of a pasta bits and cannelloni stuffing casserole than an actual Italian dish. However, it was yummy all the same. So, I totally recommend the recipe, and if you can’t get the pasta stuffed just throw it all in a dish and bake it. It tastes the same.

As for Clapton, what is all the fuss? I guess I like Layla, it’s kind of screechy, but I had to shut it all down the moment HarryPotter started playing air guitar. I know it was just he and I in the kitchen, but it was plain embarrassing. He’d been totally getting me into classic rock with Pink Floyd, the Who, and Led Zeppelin. But Clapton is just boring.

I guess I really just like music I can bop around to. The classic rock I’m into is like Michael Jackson, or the Bangles, or old Take That. But, I you just can’t dance around to ‘Walk Out In The Rain’. So, HarryPotter was playing air guitar to some song, and I just had to turn it off. I plugged in my Ipod into the speakers and put on some classic Mika, and started dancing about. He got his laptop out and started blasting Eagles. We had a battle of the bands going right in the kitchen. (Probably how we over cooked the cannelloni.)

Spending the evening with HarryPotter dancing about the kitchen was a riot, and when we finally sat down to our cannelloni haggis casserole, we were too tired to eat. We’d planned on having a fancy sit down at the kitchen table, but just couldn’t be bothered, so we brought our plates into the lounge and ate dinner as a proper family should – on the sofa watching telly.

After dinner, with a stack of crusty coated pots, pans, and dishes piled high in the kitchen, HarryPotter and I made a nice cuppa and finished off the night by watching Anchorman. I really do love being with HarryPotter. I guess, really, that’s not the same as being in love with HarryPotter, but I adore being around him. I’d rather be home cooking bad pasta than out at the pubs. I’d rather be curled up with a cuppa watching telly with him instead of out with a big group of people at a club. I could happy stay here in Glasgow in this little Ibrox flat. (Well, actually, I hate Ibrox, we’d have to move. But I could happily stay living with HarryPotter.)

So, right back to where I started from. Having feelings for someone but not wanting to say anything. I’ll wait and see how the job interview goes. If I don’t get the job, then…well, maybe I’m destined to be a weegie. But if I do get the job, then I don’t know. Can you have a long distance relationship with someone you’ve never even kissed? Hmmm. Yep, wait until after the interview before saying anything.


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