Less Freaked Out

Okay. Done freaking out now. Sorry everyone. Rang HarryPotter and he is still at work (as well as Goatee and Intern2), but so is NFEditor. The three boys are having a Mexican standoff with NFEditor. They’re waiting for her to leave so they can dig through her stuff, but she’s not leaving. So, the assumption is that she’s waiting for them to leave so that she can destroy incriminating evidence. She kept shutting the door to her office, but Goatee kept opening it. Then when she was in the loo, he took the door to her office off its hinges. HarryPotter said when NFEditor asked what happened to her door, Goatee just said, ‘It’s always been that way’ and went on as if nothing was unusual. Once NFEditor leaves, Intern2 is going to come collect me and the four of us are going to have a massive dig through her office. While I’m sure Home Office has everything it needs, it wouldn’t hurt if we found a little extra incriminating evidence. So, now, I’m just trying to occupy my time before they come get me. In fact, I’m going to log off the internet, because I keep Googling things like ‘wrongly accused’, ‘fraudulent intern’, ‘time served for theft’ and ‘been caught stealing’. It’s not helping; although I’ve discovered that Been Caught Stealing is a really funky Jane’s Addiction song. So, off I log. I’ll let everyone know what we find.


2 responses to “Less Freaked Out

  1. O.o

    I leave to go to work for the day, and then… WAH-BLAM!

    Good grief you’ve been busy. And I really hope y’all find all kinds of garbage on that awful, horrible woman. What in all the gods’ names was she thinking? That she’d get away with it? When not a soul likes or cares for her? I can’t wait to hear that she’s been arrested. What a sniveling, pathetic, walking waste of perfectly good and usable oxygen!

    • I think you nailed it on the head. ‘What in all the gods’ names was she thinking?’ Exactly! People like that don’t think. They get away with one small thing, then the do something else, and something else, then before it they think they’re invincible. Because why else would she think she could get away with it? Everyone leaves such a huge paper trail these days, that anyone would think they could get away with falsifying information and profiting off it is unbelievable. Okay, enough of my rant. Thanks loads for your support, and I’ll keep everyone posted.

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