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I went into work with HarryPotter this morning. Boobs was the only one in the office. Obviously, NFEditor and Goatee were on the lamb, and Intern2 made good on his promise to quit before the 10 March. I felt so bad for Boobs; she had no idea what was going on.

HarryPotter and I told her everything, and I thought she’d be surprised. I thought she’d think we were making this all up. Or at least, she’d be shocked. Instead, she kept her composure and said, ‘There’s no need to jump to conclusions. Let me deal with this.’

And that was that. I asked what she was going to do, call the police first or Home Office? Was she going to try and get in touch with Goatee or NFEditor?

She just reiterated, ‘Let me handle this. I know more about what goes on in this office than you realise.’ Then she said she was going to shut the office for the day, but she expected HarryPotter to be back in tomorrow morning, ‘A regular work week will resume then.’

Then HarryPotter said, ‘Do you mind if I work today. I’ve got a lot on this week, and I don’t want to get behind.’

Boobs thought for a moment then said that would be fine, but since there was no one to cover phones, ‘We’ll shut down officially for the day. But you’re welcome to continue working if you prefer.’

I looked at HarryPotter with a ‘What the fuck?’ stare. He had the day off. Why would he stick around, especially on a sinking ship?

He looked at me then said, ‘You go on. Enjoy your day off.’

Just before I left the office, I remembered I still had personal belongings in my desk, so I got those things, put them in my bag and wandered out the door in a bit of a daze. I was only a few feet down the street when I got this text from HarryPotter:

How do we know she’s not in on it? Will stick around to make sure she doesn’t do a runner.

I sent back a ‘Keep me posted’ text and went on my merry way.

I’m just now home to dump off some of my stuff, and figure out what I want to do with my day off. I do have an interview tomorrow, so maybe I should prepare. I don’t know. The world suddenly seems my oyster, but at the same time I feel completely stuck.

2 responses to “Keep Me Posted

  1. emofalltrades

    Whoa, Chellee. This is what happens when I get distracted by Mardi Gras. I get behind on reading your posts and everything explodes. I’m glad that it looks like you’re coming out on the other side alright, but wow, that’s a lot of sucky things happening. DM me if you need to talk through any of this.

  2. DM? What’s DM? Oh Direct Message? Cool. Just learned something new. You are such a sweetheart. And Mardi Gras. You are the third person to remind me it’s Mardi Gras. I so want to be there. I want to be anywhere other than here. Alas. Have fun and get lots of beads and other things that you do at Carnival.

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